Mailing Lists Shutdown?

  • Chris Cheney

    Chris Cheney - 2001-06-22

    Why were the mailing lists (devel and user) shutdown?  Is alsa going to stop being developed? If they are not actually shut down why are there no archives for the past month.  I tried contacting Jaroslav but have not heard back from him yet.


    • Steve Grecni

      Steve Grecni - 2001-07-05

      good question, I can't find recent archive of the mailing lists anywhere.

    • Steven Feil

      Steven Feil - 2001-07-14

      when the mailing lists were moved to sourceforge the archives were discontinued. You must now join the list to view them. see the url to join.

      I asked about re-starting the archive, but it was
      not acknolaged.

      • Steve Grecni

        Steve Grecni - 2001-07-14

        That's too bad, the mailing lists were a valuable source of information.  I'm not about to subscribe to a mailing list just so I can ask a question.  In fact, I don't think I've ever asked a question on a mailing list before... I've always been about to find my answer by browsing the archives.

        So the idea is to have the forums for support now or what?

    • Ronny Buchmann

      Ronny Buchmann - 2001-07-21

      there are also new archives available:





      only the links on the mailman interface and on the sf project page are not correct (they point to the old archives)


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