LeeDuke - 2006-12-14

I'm running FC6 on an i686 machine with a Creative Labs Audigy sound
card. The speakers worked fine with the basic system. The ALSA Mixer
showed information related to the sound card. The ALSA version shows as

Then I wanted to add a USB Logitech microphone.  I could not get that to
work with the basic system. On Linux Questions, someone suggested that I
needed to be running ALSA 1.0.14. I downloaded the files and did
make install (as root)

Everything looked great until I brought up the mixer. Now, all I can see
is the USB mic. The sound no longer works on the speakers. Basically,
the entire system is whacked. I'd like to know how to either get the
sound card AND the USB microphone working or how to get back to where I
could at least use my sound card.