Ludovico - 2007-09-17

Hello all!

I'm developing a complex multichannel audio distribution system where multiple linux boxes will stream audio data over ethernet and then should play audio at sample level resolution synchronization. The boxes clocks are synchronized over ethernet using PTP.
I need to keep in synch the audio board's clocks and I can't use an external wordclock nor s/pdif.

At the moment I'm experimenting with m-audio delta 1010, based on envy24 (VT1712). I know this boards can synch their clocks over PCI signalling (in windows drivers this feature support synching up to 4 boards), but ALSA drivers don't implement this feature.
I'm trying to implement a similar feature (controlling board clock synch through kernel module), but it's very difficult without a good starting point!
Is there anyone that could give me some help, support or infos? I would eventually appreciate also hardware reference designs or application notes of the VIA envy24 VT1712 chip.

Obviously, should I ever be successful in the implementation, those features could be directly added to ALSA drivers

Thank you all in advance.