Joe Hansche - 2003-04-19

It seems I can't get the Center/LFE channels to play at all on this card (Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, using 0.9.2).  I also can't get the CVS to compile.  It's giving me:

sound.c:19: `snd_compat_devfs_remove' undeclared here (not in a function)
sound.c:19: initializer element is not constant
sound.c:19: (near initialization for `__ksymtab_snd_compat_devfs_remove.value')
make[1]: *** [sound.o] Error 1

I tried Benny's patch for this, but I still can't seem to get hte CVS to compile.  Does anyone have a working copy of the source tree with the center/lfe channels implemented?

Also, why do none of my multi-pcm devices seem to work?  I can play thru the front or the rear speakers, but I can't play thru both front AND rear (using device "multi" or "surround40" etc).  It may be a problem with my .asoundrc file, but I'm confused about what exactly I need to do.  I have no experience with alsa before now, trying to get this working.  The front and rear work seperately, just need to get center/lfe working, and working all together :|

Any thoughts?