rixsnd - 2004-11-10

Hi everybody,
Sorry if this one may be a perused question..., but I'm a newbie on this project.
I own a Midiator MP-128SP (2 MIDI IN, 8 MIDI OUT), an external MIDI unit working through the PC's parallel port.
I haven't found any ALSA driver for it, not even a sample configuration.
Does anybody know more about? In the worst case, I could try to write it myself (I'm OK about C/C++, less on linux and Alsa), so I would need some precious hint about: 1) getting the specs for the hardware protocol (I've already sent an e-mail to the support at the vendor's site: hope someone will answer ;) and 2) some good tutorials on how to write ALSA drivers of this kind and how to configure.
Thanks in advance for any helping hand...and sorry if th question is rather silly

Best regards

rixsnd - Sabino