Manuel Jander - 2003-03-04

Hi everyone,

I'm writing an ALSA driver for the Aureal Vortex Soundboards, and have some questions;
This driver is not based on the au88x0 binary object driver. The core was rewritten entirely in C (savannah openvortex project).

i created a new directory in pci/ (pci/vortex) which holds all the driver code. How do i integrate that into the ALSA tree ? I modified acinclude.m4, but it semes that there are more files to be modified.
Using the local tree outside alsa-kernel/ doesnt seme to work (as suggested in the howto).

The Aureal Vortex has a 4 page Scatter Gather DMA, where the page sequence and size (max 4KB) is configurable, but there are only (max) 4 pages for each DMA channel. How can i use a Scatter Gather DMA buffer where each page is bigger than one kernel page?

thanks if you can help with these questions.

best regards