#3 new openal version + distribution


Here are a few patches that fix some openalpp issues.

I did following fixes:

- fixed some function names and prototypes to fit
with the current version of openal 0.2004090900-1.1,

- fixed 'make dist' so that it includes all needed

- in order to be backward compatible, I added a
compilation flag (OPENAL_VERSION). Since
the openal versions that are found in today's
distributions come from the CVS, I had
to use a trick to guess the version. Hopefully
at some point this will be clarified.
I'd be interested to know a better way.

- i fixed the openalpp.pc.in file to use
dependencies (Requires) instead of adding
hardwired (and possible incorrect depending on
the installation) libraries such as

With these patches applied distributions have been made
for Debian GNU/Linux (sarge and sid)
and Ubuntu (hoary), using gcc-3 and gcc-4. Loic Dachary
uploaded the corresponding package in
Debian today. I don't know any Ubuntu developers but
they apparently sync with the latest
Debian packages from time to time.

Just let me know if you need explanations about details
of these patches.
These changed are base on the CVS of openalpp dated
2005 09 07.


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