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First release!

The first release of AlphaChess 4 is here and the server will be running 24/7

Posted by Marc-Andre 2011-02-26

Server online!

A beta version of the new dedicated server is now online along with the new release of AlphaChess 4.

You can now connect to the server and play online. The server will be running 24/7 (most of the time).

Please contact me if you have problems/questions.

Posted by Marc-Andre 2009-10-03

Going open!

AlphaChess 4 is now Open Source! I am currently searching for talented programmers to contribute to the project. If you are interested in C++/Windows API programming and chess games or engines then we need you.

Please note that even though I have not released the source yet but I will when people show interest in it.

You can find more info on the software on my website : read more

Posted by Marc-Andre 2009-01-24