Not Dead Yet! ALP is coming back with a bang!

Due to the absence of recent releases some might think that the project was dead. On the contrary we have taken a small break and are now back. For the past few weeks we have been brainstorming ideas and methods to make ALP better.

The Result: ALP 2.0 will be coming, it is based on the CodeIgnitor framework with much much work on it.

What can you do? We need help from everyone from the beginning. If you are an avid LAN hoster using ALP, we'd love your input! In addition, more coders are always welcome. We also need language tranlaters and people to do themes. If any of those seem like something you can help with please contact me and we will get you in on this project.

Thanks for sticking with us, right now we are getting some basic things down in CodeIgnitor. Look for user management, theme management, an installer, along with some simple mods and pages in the inital release!

Posted by Charlie Croom 2007-06-30

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