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allocPSA 1.8.9 released

The latest version of allocPSA is now available for download:

The changes in this version include the following:

23572 Make tag filtering functionality an AND operation.
Some alloc-cli lint.
More alloc-cli fixes for release.
Another fix for alloc-cli subscriptions.
23311 Bunch of refactoring for alloc-cli,,,
Changed error_reporting to ignore new strict setting.
23311 tweaks to alloc-cli reminders.
Nudged version number to 1.8.9.
24159 Changed wording of sale item email slightly.
23572 Add tag support to alloc-cli.
23572 Update tags to use native alloc multi-select widget.
23572 Add ability to tag tasks.
23233 Add threshold for recording time against a closed task.
22788 Make sure comment attachments still work when hitting the reply link.
23310 Add Time Sheet ID and Date Issued to HTML printable time sheets.
23429 Bug in transaction group save.
22998 Fixed alloc-cli error for pipe error.
Adjust layour of reminder recipients help box to look less broken.
23133 Rejig task table totals now that table sorter is fixed.
Fix table sorter to permit multiple footers.
23138 Added parent task id to task list.
24037 Race condition fixed in email receive.
23350 alloc-cli needs to have taskTypeID coerced into ucwords() because mysql.
23871 Fix up the alloccli to create tasks like the web ui does wrt DIPs.
Added totals to task list screen for the estimates and time worked.
Add editor controls to the children task list on the parent task page.
Update requirements for alloc to PHP 5.4.
23309 Un-archiving child tasks reverts to previous status.
23309 Task status changes work the same across projects and parent tasks.
Merge branch '24105-cancel-task-reopens' of git://
Merge branch '23311-reminders-cli' of git://
Clear irrelevant pending statuses.
Added advance notice stuff
Hooked up reopen, some other fixes.
23197 Add status and priority to task children list in web ui.
22864 Fixes to the dynamic table sorting functionality.
CLI reminders mostly done.
Clear the pending reopen field to cancel the automatic reopen.
Merge branch '23706-cli-missing-fields' of git://
Add targetstart, targetcompletion and estimator task fields to CLI.
New DB trigger to prevent task loops.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
Merge branch 'pdo-connection-encoding' of git://
Merge branch '23754-numeric-sort' of git://
Merge branch '23298-reminders-as-comments' of git://
Merge branch '23140-cli-show-child-tasks' of git://
Merge branch '23050-alloc-cli-subscriptions' of git://
Merge branch '23004-bar-graphs' of git://
Display dates of pending reopens in task form.
Specify DB encoding as utf8 rather than UTF-8
Create new comment threads when sending reminder emails.
Display time sheet graph items to two decimal points.
Changed time sheet graphs to bar graphs.
Display time sheet graph items to two decimal points.
Changed time sheet graphs to bar graphs.
Adding numeric sort for value columns.
Adding numeric sort for value columns.
Changed qr() to query(); for some reason qr() causes PDOException.
Document the patches target in the makefile.
Show child tasks using 'alloc view'.
PrettyTable shim for compatibility before and after 0.6.
Document the patches target in the makefile.
Show child tasks using 'alloc view'.
PrettyTable shim for compatibility before and after 0.6.
Also fixed field list for ktokens.
Fixing field list for CLI subscriptions output.
Add missing permissions.
Permit the deletion of tasks if you have perm delete for tasks.
v188 Make the SQL debugging a globally configurable item.
Check for pdo object in db abstraction layer.... read more

Posted by Con Zymaris 2014-09-16 Labels: New Release

ANNOUNCE: allocPSA 1.8.7 released!


we've just released the latest major version of allocPSA in a long while. This means that this version has a substantial number of fixes and a significant number of enhancements. The complete list of patches and changes is available from the application, once installed, in the Tools > Deployment Changelog > $DATE file.

You can get a partial view of the changes from here: read more

Posted by Con Zymaris 2013-05-24

allocPSA 1.8.7 to be relessed soon

Includes a large number of new features, many dozen bug patches and other tweaks.

We're expecting release over the coming weeks.

-- Con

Posted by Con Zymaris 2013-02-08 Labels: 1.8.7 preview

allocPSA 1.8.5 to be relessed soon


  • we've added a number of major new features
  • we've revamped the Sales module
  • general smaller tweaks and improvements
  • bug fixes.

Due in the next few weeks.

-- Con

Posted by Con Zymaris 2012-06-08

Positive review of allocPSA

"It's embedded Project Management tools are excellent with great charting and visual reporting. It has the feel of an ERP type system where inputs in one part of the system connect to effects elsewhere."

Posted by Con Zymaris 2012-05-21

allocPSA 1.8.4 released!

Here are the changes and bugfixes in this release of allocPSA

  • v184 Make automated search index updater create indexes if they don't exist.
  • v184 CLI Change IMAP folder name separator for alloc mbox as well.
  • v184 Fix a couple of bitmasks in services::$obsolete.
  • v184 CLI Encode alloc mbox results when printing to stdout.
  • v184 Replace . with / in IMAP folder names, for broader server support.
  • BUG missing entity descriptor in services::get_task_emails().
  • Make patch219 dig deeper for an email key.
  • BUG Use the first key found in an email (typically in the subject line), not the last (potentially the headers).
  • 20916 Encode mailto: email addresses.
  • BUG Make all tasks editable for managers.
  • 20909 Adjust triggers to permit time sheet submission.
  • 20908 CLI Error and halt on unrecognized cli arguments.
  • 20907 Make time sheet comments drop the unused HH:MM from display. Format the date correctly for non-timesheet-comments.
  • 20905 Add comment timestamps to comment summary list.
  • 20888 Add user's email address into name field, when name field is missing from From header.
  • 20888 Update email address parser.
  • 20906 Simplify time sheet rate editing logic for "can't change rate" bug.
  • Add patch to apply db_triggers.sql.
  • Moved remaining task validation from PHP over to db triggers.
  • 20843 Loosen perms on auditItem and indexQueue to permit client comment entries.
  • 20703 Clean up reminders UI.
  • Rename reminderAdd.php to reminder.php.
  • Triggers tweak for god perms.
  • 20703 Update date selector widget on reminder page.
  • 20703 Hide Filter link if non-privileged user on reminder list page.
  • Editing bug in db_trigger.sql can_edit_task().
  • Nuke miscellaneous install data.
  • Change default email addressing scheme to tobcc for new installations of alloc.
  • Modify installation script to ensure the db_triggers.sql file is applied correctly.
  • Nudged version to 1.8.4.
  • Python lint clean-up.
  • COSMETIC Removed sheen from unselected tabs.
  • Fix error reporting and email duplication for pipeEmail.php.
  • Fixes to receiveEmail.php for Cyber.
  • 20114 Change product costs to specify a source tf rather than a destination tf.
  • 20793 Make Extra Interested Parties internal.
  • 20701 Optimize search index.
  • 20270 Add duplicate task link to task page.
  • 20114 Make adding new sale items, result in new sale item transactions.
  • Add My Tasks to time sheet item form.
  • 14480 Small change in documentation of Interested Party functionality.
  • 14480 Update alloc documentation (ongoing)
  • COSMETIC Fix width of textareas so they align with resize grippies.
  • Fix layout of task list mass updater widget.
  • Nuke "Task Comment: " in subject line from new alloc installations.
  • Make "via allocPSA" cyber-only.
  • ROLLBACK add "via allocPSA" to From address.
  • Remove "Task Comment: " from default email subject lines.
  • Make emails without a key go to INBOX.
  • COSMETIC Added some definition to the comment bubbles.
  • Fixed up patch 219 for the reorg of mailbox.
  • Add "reply" links to comment threads.
  • Change comment time format to be human readable.
  • Remove unused argument from get_name().
  • Remove old code from alloc.js.
  • Remove the alloc email address from the To: field in emails.
  • 20701 Update Zend Lucene search library.
  • 20655 Ensure search index is updated when editing tasks via per-user databases.
  • 20655 Make client contacts get indexed for search upon INSERT.
  • 20541 CLI Make alloc browse redirect to home page.
  • Add patch to create mysql error table.
  • 20114 Append external reference number to sale transaction descriptions.
  • 20114 Make sale transactions use the sale's date.
  • 20114 Make dynamically updating cost fields respond to all keypresses except left/right arrows.
  • 20114 Only create sale tasks if a project has been selected.
  • CLI Remove some python lint.
  • Add created/modified fields to timeSheetItem.
  • CLI Make alloc mbox use new timeSheetItem.timeSheetItemCreatedTime field instead of dateTimeSheetItem.
  • Only update timeSheet.dates if the actually changes.
  • BUG kill error on patch.php about current_user.
  • Update downloadEmail.php to work with fuzzy searches for emails.
  • 20301 Add Download link to Task Comments tab, mimicking alloc mbox.
  • COSMETIC add class=header to some header elements.
  • 20589 CLI Make alloc browse check: $BROWSER, sensible-browser, lynx, elinks.
  • CLI Refactored CLI argument handler into separate file.
  • CLI Moved alloc's output handler into its own file.
  • CLI Refactored table formatting code out of
  • CLI Refactored CLI arg handler out of main alloc class.
  • 20575 CLI Report unrecognized command line options and halt.
  • Add a quick entry for time sheeting to the home page.
  • Remove some errors that pop up when current_user is not set.
  • Hide last login text on person page, if empty.
  • Make Rams the default theme.
  • Hide home page boxes for TFs and Tasks if they're empty.
  • Renamed time sheet list home item file.
  • 20352 Enable task re-open by external parties.
  • Replace calls to die() with alloc_die() for better error reporting,
  • Add tfoot to home TF box to permit correct dynamic sorting.
  • 20114 Add auto-created tasks to sales process.
  • Remove unused field task.taskCommentTemplateID.
  • Removed unused field task.taskComments.
  • 20590 CLI Add explicit flush() to message printed to screen.
  • 20063 CLI Added services::get_task_emails() to retrieve the emails in a task mailbox.
  • Add support for piping email into alloc in real time, to supercede IMAP polling.
  • Make "--- n lines hidden ---" text render consistently with different end-of-lines.
  • 20114 Order sale list by sale date and then created time.
  • 20114 Add home page items for sales.
  • 20114 Re-jig logic for registering items on the home page.
  • Add conditional to hide an empty time sheet home page block.
  • Add alloc work --interactive, a live work timer.
  • Optimize alloc work --quiet.
  • Remove unused audit types.
  • v183 Permit email logging of large messages.
  • 20114 Remove project's TF label from sale screen.
  • 20114 Added external reference fields to product sale.
  • 20114 Enable the main tf to be specified for a sale.
  • 20378 Make reminders get deactivated instead of deleted.
  • 20378 v183 Nuked SQL injection hole.
  • 20114 Make sale transactions save the transaction type correctly.
  • 20114 Allow Total Product Costs field to tally correctly when product costs have GST.
  • 20114 Allow auto-updating amount in sale transactions to update correctly when product costs have GST.
  • 20114 Clean up productSaleItem::createTransactions().
  • 20114 Make product cost GST extrapolate to separate transaction.
  • 20114 Fix deletion of product costs that weren't permitted because of foreign key constraints.
  • 20114 Make the Outgoing Funds TF, the default TF when adding product costs.
  • 20114 Add tax field to product costs.
  • 20378 Add Reminder Active field to reminder edit screen.
  • 20378 Add reminderActive field.
  • 18525 Move default rates logic into the Project Person functionality (i.e. out of time sheets).
  • 18525 Added missing updateProjectPersonRate.php file.
  • 20400 Remove obsolete call to task->close.
  • 20400 Fix TASK -> task in triggers and remove patch that adds the error table/data.
  • 18525 Fixed save bug in project-level default time sheet values, and added blank option for unit.
  • 18525 Shortened project-level time sheet defaults field label.
  • 18525 Hide project-level default time sheet fields, if not set.
  • Hide project budget field on project form, if not set.
  • 18525 Make person level rate/unit fields writable by only those that have PERM_PERSON_WRITE_MANAGEMENT.
  • 18525 Change layout of rate/unit fields on person edit screen.
  • Updated projectPerson.rate to default to NULL.
  • Spelling typo in project.php.
  • 18525 Make patch file consistent with db structure files.
  • 18525 Default timesheet rates.
  • 18525 Record inverse exchange rates, too.
  • Remove "via allocPSA" from the From email address.
  • Remove obsolete "language" attribute from script tags.
  • 20475 Fix further instances of double-urldecoded $_GET vars.
  • Remove non-functional comment Download links.
  • 20352 Remove non-functional add_comment_hook().
  • Catch an error case in email send.
  • Don't re-send client emails back out to clients.
  • 20467 Replace PHPs RFC822 message header parsing for support of resent-* headers.
  • 20467 Remove resent-* headers from forwarded emails, to permit bounced emails to function correctly.
  • 20251 Make task manager and assignee remain selected as default recipients, even when removed from IP list.
  • 20264 Remove blank task status entry from task list filter.
  • 20330 Filter in only current projects for timesheet filter by default.
  • 20416 v183 CLI Fix alloc comment --to nobody.
  • 20368 v183 CLI Report unrecognized parties.
  • 20368 CLI Make alloc comment --to search across client's email handles.
  • 20373 Make task reminder use Estimated Start date and set Advanced Notice of 24 hours.
  • 20373 Removed unused function.
  • 20313 Display changelog entries in HTML.
  • 20400 More refinements.
  • 20400 Moved error messages out of db_data and into db_triggers.
  • 20400 Added all the tables to the make_single_user_db script.
  • 20400 Moved task validation over to db layer.
  • 20400 Set @personID to NULL if we don't have a $current_user.
  • 20068 CLI Added before/after info and --verbose switch for alloc edit.
  • 20368 CLI Improved error handling for alloc comment.
  • 20400 Add triggers file to installation process.
  • 20145 Prevent inactive client contacts from appearing when creating a new comment.
  • 20359 Fix task-closed-by field for when a task is closed multiple times by different people.
  • 20398 Make dates that are coerced to 0000-00-00 bomb out with an error.
  • 20398 CLI Add support for GNU date -d format for date input.
  • 20311 Added further documentation for existin alloc API.
  • Added db_triggers.sql and
  • Moved auditing logic into database layer.
  • Add timeSheetItemID to list of filter elements for timeSheetItem::get_list().
  • Make task::get_list() default to prioritised.
  • Remove time sheet validation code from PHP.
  • Removed unused fields from permission table.
  • 20177 CLI Add functionality to pass null values to alloc edit.
  • 20048 CLI Changed alloc edit to use --long-args intead of ^this:format.
  • CLI Changed double-quotes to single-quotes.
  • 20301 CLI Fixed projectPriorityLabel key error.
  • 20145 New client contacts become active by default.
  • COSMETIC Maximize size of product text input in time sheet transaction list.
  • COSMETIC Give panels rounded corners.
  • 20349 Adjusted UI of parties/recipients editor.
  • Updated postgres database schema file.
  • API cleaned up unnecessary json argument.
  • 20311 Added phpdoc comments to the internal HTTP/JSON API.
  • Added patch to update an existing IMAP store of mail into entity folders.
  • Added support for alloc to store emails in a folder format.
  • 20475 v183 Get attachment filenames correctly.
  • 20352 v183 Make client emails re-open tasks again.
  • 20298 v183 Another fullName instance that needs fixing.
  • 20403 Escape client contact names correctly.
  • 20395 CLI Replace module listing/globbing with alloccli.all.
  • 20298 v183 CLI Fixed add_interested_party to record the fullName.
  • 20298 v183 Changed another occurrence of fullName to name.
  • 20298 v183 Record full name of IPs from default IP list.
  • 20348 v183 Email receive for re-send of emails without keys.
  • 20348 v183 Fixed bug with incorrect keys in emails.
  • 20342 v183 Add correct IP list to alloc comment.
  • 20331 v183 CLI Fix stty error in cron jobs.
  • 20352 v183 Make client emails re-open tasks again.
  • 20298 v183 Another fullName instance that needs fixing.
  • 20403 Escape client contact names correctly.
  • 20395 CLI Replace module listing/globbing with alloccli.all.
  • 20298 v183 CLI Fixed add_interested_party to record the fullName.
  • 20298 v183 Changed another occurrence of fullName to name.
  • 20298 v183 Record full name of IPs from default IP list.
  • 20348 v183 Email receive for re-send of emails without keys.
  • 20348 v183 Fixed bug with incorrect keys in emails.
  • 20342 v183 Add correct IP list to alloc comment.
  • 20331 v183 CLI Fix stty error in cron jobs.
  • COSMETIC Fixed vertical align in comment summary filter.
  • 20259 Made dropdown checkboxes toggle-able via double-click.
  • 19424 Add task reports to project comments.
  • DOCS Added help boxes to the home page customization box.
  • Remove old code referring to $current_client functionality.
  • 18954 Remove ability to delete tasks unless you have task::PERM_DELETE and the task has no history items.
  • 18807 Changed red highlights to asterisks with tooltips. Restrict list to only editable time sheets.
  • 18807 Highlight user customizable old and/or large timesheets.
  • COSMETIC Change the time sheet list Status filter to use multiple select widget.
  • 19424 Added PDF link to task list screen.
  • 20114 Fixed perms for sales.
  • 20251 ROLLBACK Erroneous bug fix.
  • Don't record an error for successful queries.
  • 20259 Made dropdown lists with more than 30 items, skip the multiple select renderer.
  • 20265 Fixed performance lag issue with dynamic tabs on task, project page etc.
  • 20145 Remove inactive client contacts from client list.
  • 20145 Added checkbox to client contacts to permit active/inactive.
  • 20251 Ensure assignee and manager IP checkboxes are checked.
  • 19772 Put date headers back on comments.
  • More query logging.
  • 15275 Using the wrong bitwise comparator for email function masks.
  • Updated postgres version of database schema file.
  • 20247 Forge a name for extra interested parties that don't have one, update those that now have one.
  • BUG Patched client and project comments to work with the interested party selector.
  • COSMETIC Made client contacts stand out in the same manner as external parties comments.
  • COSMETIC Adjust labels on task page to allow proper rendering on smaller screens.
  • 20188 Prevent Estimated Date floating erroneously on task page.
  • BUG Allow instant open and close of tasks.
Posted by Con Zymaris 2012-05-14

allocPSA 1.8.4 release is imminent

The next substantial release of allocPSA, version 1.8.4, is due any day now. A log of changes will be posted with the release archive.

Posted by Con Zymaris 2012-05-04

allocPSA 1.8.3 release coming soon

allocPSA 1.8.3 has been completed and tagged and will be uploaded to in the near future

Here are some of the new features, fixes and enhancements you will see

(List here )

Wed Nov 30 14:27:19 EST 2011 Alex Lance <>
tagged allocPSA 1.8.3

Wed Nov 30 14:24:54 EST 2011 Alex Lance <>
* BUG If no estimates, then don't save estimatorID.... read more

Posted by Con Zymaris 2011-12-01

Major New Version (1.8.1) Released

List of changes:

  • Nudged version.
  • 19293 Allow session id to be submitted with all <form>s.
  • 19352 REFACTOR Moved expense form list code into expenseForm class.
  • 19352 Added transaction information to transaction list screen on project page.
  • BUG Fixed rendering of expense form comments.
  • COSMETIC Fixed layout of tools menu.
  • 19158 CLI Fixed concatenation error in mbox.
  • Major permissions overhaul to cater for CLI, Email and Web access.
  • Made Email Other Party checkboxes automatically enabled.
  • BUG Killed error when expense form list is empty.
  • BUG in security Allow dropdown.
  • Removed two old unused scripts.
  • Replaced all instances of $TPL["url_alloc_attachments_dir"] with ATTACHMENTS_DIR.
  • CLI SOAP Removed defunct soap cruft from services backend.
  • Exchange rates for identical source and dest, don't need to be fetched.
  • Fixed stray <th> in client contact list.
  • BUG Fixed bug in get_mime_type() that returns incorrect type for plain text files.
  • BUG Fixed "Can't read task" problem when receiving emailed comments.
  • BUG Fixed broken help page that occurred when help boxes were clicked.
  • Made email receiving script use database transactions.
  • Added transaction support to database layer.
  • BUG Removed faulty handling of ignored_errors for unique key insertions of indexQueue entries.
  • COSMETIC Improved the way time sheet transactions look.
  • COSMETIC Fixed colour of growshrink links.
  • BUG Project form missing label above project name field.
  • 16895 Added mapURL to installation data.
  • Nudged version to 1.8.0.
  • BUG Error message popping up in time sheet list for empty array.
  • Improved help text for Sales.
  • COSMETIC Hide unallocated funds total on Sale page, until status is 'allocate'.
  • COSMETIC Made Sales that have unallocated funds be hilighted.
  • 18921 Removed debug statements that show up when Setup is saved.
  • COSMETIC Fixed font size for table.list tr:last-child th.
  • ROLLBACK Removed automatic emails from time sheets.
  • 18149 Rejigged task page html to render better in text-only web browsers.
  • 18850 CLI Added rudimentary versioning, to allow the CLI to detect when it needs to be upgraded.
  • BUG Fixed "Not permitted to edit rate" bug.
  • 19190 CLI Make print_table work with unicode characters.
  • 18501 Fixed default comment template types, and alignment of field.
  • 19246 CLI Enabled alloc accounts.
  • 19246 19140 19253 Fixed transaction list display.
  • CLI added alloc-cli interactive shell[2].
  • CLI Added alloc timesheets --fields.
  • 19110 CLI Made timeSheetItem::get_list() populate empty fields so that CLI doesn't break on them.
  • 19110 CLI Changed failure mode for bad --fields and --sort from a die() to an err().
  • 19110 CLI Added more field name definitions for time sheets.
  • 18118 Fixed issue where the task estimator field could not be seen in the task view.
  • 19125 CLI added ability for alloc-cli to have per-field transformations in ~/.alloc/transforms.
  • 19246 CLI Disabled alloc accounts.
  • 19247 CLI BUG Fixed missing argument to run().
  • CLI Fixed erroneous sort by field in alloc tasks.
  • 19140 CLI Updated alloc accounts to be able to list transactions.
  • 17981 Add estimator to list of template variables.
  • 18260 Add checkbox for project in task filter.
  • CLI Refactored subcommand help mechanism so that the (future) cmd functionality can utilize it.
  • CLI Made alloc-cli use ~/.alloc/{config,session} for config and session persistence.
  • CLI Renamed alloc time to alloc work to avoid naming collision with python's time module.
  • 18914 CLI Added validation to the --order functionality to ensure only correct column names are used.
  • CLI Made alloc die with error if attempting to use bad field names with --fields.
  • Made comments perform search-index updates asynchronously.
  • Made bulk updates use the asynchronous search index updater, fixes performance issue in bulk updates.
  • BUG Added html entity escaping to the search input box.
  • 19021 Made un-archiving a project, un-archive the project's tasks.
  • 19021 Made archiving a project, archive the project's tasks.
  • BUG Made the "Uncompleted Tasks" list on the project page include Pending tasks, as they are uncompleted too.
  • Updated password hashing lib.
  • BUG Fixed invoice::load_invoice_filter() to work with client::get_list() correctly.
  • 19021 Modified project dropdown on the task page, to include the task's project, even if the project is archived.
  • 19030 Made ALL new comments get sent to the ALLOC_DEFAULT_FROM_ADDRESS.
  • CLI REFACTOR Reduced 2 add_timeSheetItem_by_X() methods down to add_time. Renamed --rate to --multiplier in alloc time.
  • 18329 Updated time sheet item validation logic to prevent erroneous items being created.[2]
  • 18878 CLI Added --rate to alloc time for double-time rates etc.
  • 18823 Made add_timeSheetItem_by_task skip past rejected time sheets when looking for a time sheet to add time to.
  • 18823 Added rejected time sheets to users' home page list.
  • 18623 Fixed the html entity escaping, of the task comment summary.
  • COSMETIC Hide all email signatures in task comments by default.
  • 18712 CLI hide the user's alloc password in error dumps.
  • CLI Added timesheets --status all.
  • Added permission for tokenAction.
  • Updated error handling for timeSheet::add_timeSheetItem_by_task().
  • Added some more figures to the project finances box.
  • Removed automatic emails from time sheets.
  • 18673 Added Date: header to new outgoing emails.
  • Added ability for the search indexer to run asynchronously.
  • SECURITY Patched XSS vulnerability on the login page.
  • CLI added --creator option to alloc timesheets.
  • CLI Added TF filtering to alloc timesheets.
  • CLI Fixed security bug in alloc timesheets.
  • Made person searching lib more flexible.
  • BUG fixed warning in imp() function.
  • CLI Bug in edit, strings not re-joined correctly.
  • CLI added get_people() utility to services.
  • 18592 Optimized the client searching tools.
  • COSMETIC Fixed alignment of help box on time sheet page.
  • 18147 Added facility to allow time sheets to have updated rates.
  • COSMETIC Fixed missing td in table.
  • 17911 Changed the percentage complete field to be generated from the task's limit field, intead of the expected field.
  • Refactored exchange rates download and added button to config screen to manually download rates.
  • Avoid (accidental) injection attacks from system(3).
    Follow Debian convention of MAILER not containing -f.
  • 18523 Made page::htmlentities() ignore invalid multibyte sequences.
  • 18139 Added time sheet item comments to alloc mbox.
  • 18484 Save product sale values when user clicks save.
  • 18471 Update company logo.
  • 17924 Fixed wildcard bug in search.
  • 18471 Adjust copyright messages for new company name.
  • 18471 Change Cybersource -> Cyber IT in help document.
  • 18471 Changing Cybersource -> Cyber in the code.
  • 18144 Add filter and project name to RSS feed.
  • 18208 Fix ampersands in RSS feed.
  • 18141 Show task ID on printed timesheets.
  • 18145 'Adjusting help text for estimate fields.'
  • 18215 Fixed time sheet list filter.
  • CLI Improved help text for alloc edit --task help.
  • CLI COSMETIC Made smiley less irritating.
  • CLI Added --item to alloc edit. Improved time sheet perm checking.
  • BUG in permission page.
  • CLI REFACTOR Moved transaction::get_list() over to MVC pattern.
  • CLI Added alloc edit for creating and updating tasks and other entities.
  • CLI Added comparison operator matching (> <= etc) to --date filter in alloc timesheets.
  • CLI Added .swo files to list of crud in bin/alloc.
  • 15171 CLI Added time sheet status rejected to alloc timesheets.
  • 18121 Don't filter repeating transaction list.
  • 18122 Scale repeating transaction values before applying.
  • 18127 Convert encoding of emails before storing in database.
  • 17867 Adding estimator to audit display.
  • BUG fixed the alignment of the "Estimated completion" field.
  • 17867 Reordering B/E/W on the task list.
  • 18115 Fix display of task and project priorities.
  • 17974 Fixed white-space in comments bug with newlines.
  • 17981 BUG in positioning of task limit field on task page.
  • 17981 Add 'estimator' into comment templates.
  • 17867 Reorder estimate fields, add 'estimator'.
  • CLI Improved error reporting for .netrc authentication.
  • 17915 Basic implementation of RSS feed.
  • 17941 Re-open closed/pending tasks on client emails.
  • 18050 Select first time unit as default for new project people.
  • 17966 Updated db_data.sql with new timeSheetEditors config item.
  • 17966 Add option to limit users who can edit timesheet rate.
  • 17966 Highlight timesheet items with non-default rates.
  • 17974 Don't compress whitespace in comments.
  • CLI Made alloc mbox no longer use the email lockfile.
  • 17974 Removed default email header footer functionality.
  • 17974 Made alloc emails get passed through essentially unmodified.
  • 17981 Add time estimates to comment templates.
  • 17414 Forward complete multipart emails.
  • Changed the status dropdown into checkboxes, to allow multi-select on the time sheet list page.
  • REFACTOR timeSheet::get_list() to MVC pattern.
  • BUG Variable names for task status getting clobbered for parent tasks.
  • CLI Removed transform for timeActual in alloc tasks.
  • CLI Added alloc accounts.
  • REFACTOR tf::get_list() to MVC pattern.
  • Added tallies of various entities.
  • REFACTOR task::get_list() to MVC pattern.
  • REFACTOR project::get_list() to MVC pattern.
  • REFACTOR client::get_list() to MVC pattern.
  • 17423 Removed newline in patch, that prevents it being applied by the patching system.
  • 17843 Separate percentage display from estimates in task list.
  • 17423 More flexible project CSV import.
  • Made timesheet to task to timesheet set the correct task in the timesheet item dropdown.
  • Moved display logic for task into template.
  • CLI Made alloc tasks --status accept multipe commar separated values.
  • CLI Made alloc mbox work with utf-8 characters.
  • CLI Fixed bug in alloc subscriptions. Added alloc tokens.
  • CLI Fixed up alloc timesheets --order.
  • CLI Made alloc timesheets --status accept multiple commar separated values.
  • CLI changed alloc timesheets --date to work via dateTo, rather than dateFrom.
  • 17859 Replaced vcard icon and removed border in Firefox.
  • BUG priority label fatal error.
  • CLI Changed err reporting to go to stderr.
  • CLI Made alloc time accept a minute quantity for the duration.
  • CLI Added custom sorting and reverse sorting to alloc tasks.
  • CLI separated task::get_list() rate/hr into two fields.
  • Added priorityLabel to list of fields in task::get_list().
  • CLI REFACTOR Moved only_these_fields logic out of print_table.
  • CLI BUG Fixed task rate in alloc tasks.
  • CLI Made alloc timesheets -i print only one table. Fixed dollar amounts. Added timesheet "Worth" field.
  • Allow custom URL for Alloc
  • CLI Added the ability to specify a custom list of fields to the output of alloc tasks.
  • CLI added --assignee and --manager to alloc tasks.
  • BUG Addslashes for ATTACHMENT_DIRS that contain trailing back-slashes.
  • Rolled back windows bug with back-slashes.
  • BUG in alloc subscriptions, missed full name in email address.
  • BUG Fixed windows installation bug that occurs when ATTACHMENTS_DIR ends in a back-slash.
  • BUG Fixed issue where time sheet items that were edited would display the incorrect rate.
  • 17878 Added alloc subscriptions --key. Added add/del_interested_party wrappers.
  • Rolled back set_id changes from 17848 patch.
  • Added support for IMAP SSL.
  • BUG 17848 Currency error when copying a project.
Posted by Con Zymaris 2011-08-15

Installing allocPSA on Windows

Instructions on how to install allocPSA on Windows has been added to the wiki:

Posted by Con Zymaris 2011-04-27

Major CLI Enhancements in allocPSA

Forthcoming releases of allocPSA will include a major revamp of functionality in the command line tools which can be used to access and update tasks,

Some of the function groups provided are:

  • time Add time to a time sheet. Create the time sheet if necessary.

  • browse Provide web browser access to particular entities.

  • mbox Download a task's emails to an mbox file.

  • projects Print a list of projects.... read more

Posted by Con Zymaris 2011-02-09

allocPSA 1.7.4

allocPSA 1.7.4 has been released and is available here:

Patch and update information in the Tools > allocPSA Deployment Changelog section of the application

Posted by Con Zymaris 2011-02-09

allocPSA version 1.7.1 Released

Posted by Con Zymaris 2011-01-12

New Video: Creating Announcements in allocPSA

allocPSA allows you to create announcements, which appear in every users' Home page tab. This video will show you how to create your own announcements for your instance of allocPSA.

Posted by Con Zymaris 2010-11-18

New allocPSA 1.7 Training Videos Out Soon

The allocPSA development team will be releasing a number of training videos in the near future. These are designed to show both new and experienced users how to use many of the core features of allocPSA 1.7.

Posted by Con Zymaris 2010-11-08

allocPSA version 1.7 released!

After a year's development effort, the allocPSA development team has released a new version, available for immediate download. This new version incorporates the following new features, fixes and tweaks:

Posted by Con Zymaris 2010-10-31

Version 1.7 release imminent


just a heads-up to let you all know that the allocPSA dev team will be pushing out a great new version (1.7) within the next few days.

-- Con

Posted by Con Zymaris 2010-10-30

allocPSA version 1.7 Coming Soon!

Hello all.

Just a brief note to let you know that the development team has been working hard to prepare, test and release a major new version of allocPSA, to be labeled 1.7.

Our hope is to have this out in another month or so.

This version will include hundreds of mods, covering new features, bug and security fixes, documentation updates and UI tweaks.

More news when we're close to a release date.

Posted by Con Zymaris 2010-09-20

Creating a New Task or Fault (Video)

Demonstration showing how to create a new task or fault -

Posted by Con Zymaris 2010-07-14

allocPSA Login page and Home page

Introduction to allocPSA Login and Home pages -

Posted by Con Zymaris 2010-06-30

Overview of allocPSA (Video)

Here's a video which provides a brief overview of allocPSA.

Posted by Con Zymaris 2010-06-12

Forthcoming allocPSA release

Just a heads up to the allocPSA community, there will be a new allocPSA release, either a less-dramatic 1.5.x release, or a more-dramatic 1.6.x release, in the coming weeks.

Posted by Con Zymaris 2009-06-18

New allocPSA Demo/Training Videos

There are a number of new demonstration-cum--training videos available at the website:

Posted by Con Zymaris 2009-03-11

allocPSA 1.5.1 Released

A new version of allocPSA (v1.5.1) has been released by the allocPSA development team. This release consists mostly of big-fixes.

Posted by Con Zymaris 2009-01-07

allocPSA v1.5 Released

Cybersource, and the development community behind the allocPSA project, are proud to release a major new version of the premier open source Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution. Designed to assist services-based businesses to manage people, projects and billing, allocPSA is available for download worldwide, free of charge, under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).... read more

Posted by Con Zymaris 2008-12-04