The Kisho
  • The Kisho

    The Kisho - 2007-08-27

    Is there a way to force Alliance to rehash my shared list.  Is there some files I can delete?  I have a few files in my shared list that are no longer in folder that I'm sharing and I would like to have my list updated to reflect that.  I can't find where this hash file maybe hiding.

    • Davidinfo

      Davidinfo - 2007-08-30

      I don't know if this is the good method but if you stop alliance (stop forever), then you delete somes files in you data directory in Alliance : share.dat, share.idx et share.idx.bak.
      When you restart Alliance, It rescan and hash all your files.

    • xipolis

      xipolis - 2007-09-15

      The files, that no longer exist, vanish from you share list when:
      - someone tries to donload the file
      - someone searches for that file.

      There is a possibility to search in your own share:
      - Open the debug console: View -> Debug -> Debug console
      - search for the file, that no longer exits: sl example.txt
        sl stands for "search local"
        example stands for the file, that is no longer in you share.
        You can also search with wildcards: *.txt e.g.

    • mr_nobody

      mr_nobody - 2008-03-13

      Those suggestions for searching to remove deleted files from your shares don't work for me. I would have thought that the periodic rescans would remove deleted files. Can they not be made to do so? Thanks in advance.

      • maciek

        maciek - 2008-03-14


        I'm going to add a clean-up of non-existant files when you press the "rescan share" button - the bottum on the bottom right corner of the Alliance window.

        I'm also going to add support for win32 file events. This means that when you remove or add a file in one of your shared folder your share will instantly be updated. This will only work on Windows.


    • mr_nobody

      mr_nobody - 2008-03-14


      Thanks a lot! That sounds like a perfect solution!


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