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AllegroGL 0.4.3 released

We decided to make another AllegroGL release, likely the last standalone one since AllegroGL is now part of the Allegro 4.3.10plus branch. Of course, we will update it if some serious bugs show up, but the further development will be focused on Allegro 4.3.10plus.
Changes include DMC support, improved MSVC project files and many fixes to Allegro driver interface.
You can update yourself thought the Download section:

Posted by Milan Mimica 2007-11-11

AllegroGL 0.4.1 released

AllegroGL 0.4.1 was released, bringing you tones of improvements in allegro driver, MSVC projects, and various bugfixes.

Posted by Milan Mimica 2007-05-15

0.2.4 tarballs are available

Sources can now be downloaded in both tar.gz and tar.bz2 formats

Posted by Bertrand 2004-07-11

AllegroGL 0.2.4 released!

Changes from 0.2.2 to 0.2.4

* Robert J Ohannessian
- [GLext] Added ARB_fragment_program_shadow.
- [Windows driver] Re-fixed the second-set_gfx_mode()-call-fails problem.
This was fixed on CVS at some point, but the fix was undone due to the
input focus problem. This has since been corrected.
- [Windows driver] Fixed the WGL_p_f problems under NV1x. Basically, we
were querying for multisampling when multisampling wasn't supported.
- [Windows driver / X driver] Screen video ID is now MAX_ID, not 1000. This
should fix issues with programs that create more than 1000 video bitmaps.
- [Allegro driver] Using GL_MESA_pack_invert when we can.
- [Allegro driver] Added screen->video blits (untested)
- [Windows driver] Overhauled error detection.
- [Windows driver] Code clean-up.... read more

Posted by Robert J Ohannessian 2004-07-01

AllegroGL 0.2.2 released !

Changes from 0.2.0 to 0.2.2

Note: AllegroGL 0.2.2 is NOT ABI compatible with AllegroGL 0.2.0

* Bertrand Coconnier
- [Core] Added multisampling support.
- [GLext] Changed the namespace of extension pointers in order to
avoid name clashes between libagl.* and under Linux.
- [Build] Windows build does not install glX headers anymore
*nix build does not install wgl headers anymore.
- [X Driver] Made vsync() functional for GL drivers that support
- [Build & GLext] Alias headers are now automagically built
- [Build] By default, AGL is now built as a shared library under *nix
- [GLext] AGL now tries to use static linking for glXGetProcAddress[ARB]
when is not available.... read more

Posted by Bertrand 2004-02-24

AllegroGL 0.2.0 released!

Changes from 0.1.4 to 0.2.0

* Elias Pschernig
- [Allegro Driver] Fixed a bug when dealing with blitting memory sub-bitmaps
to the screen.
- [Allegro Driver] Fixed a bug when blitting from memory to video bitmaps.
- [Allegro Driver] Added support for blitting to video subbitmaps.
- [Allegro Driver] Fixed drawing method of flipped sprites in order to prevent
(some) OpenGL drivers to clip the whole sprite whenever it touches the
screen edge.... read more

Posted by Robert J Ohannessian 2004-01-17

AllegroGL 0.1.4 released!

Changes from 0.1.2 to 0.1.4:

* Bertrand Coconnier
- [X Driver] Fixed the 'motion blur' bug for mouse cursor.
- [Generic Driver] Modified AMesa in order to support Mesa 4.0.2 and higher.
- [Generic Driver] Added partial support of Allegro 3D primitives for faster
- [X Driver] AGL now checks at run-time if pthread support is enabled. (The
current behaviour is to generate a fatal error if pthreads are disabled
but this may change in the future).
- [Allegro Driver] Fixed a bug in allegro_gl_screen_draw_glyph that made
glyphs to be drawn at the wrong location on sub-bitmaps.
- [Core] Fixed a bug in allegro_gl_set_projection : glViewport values were
not taken into account.
- [Build] Fixed a bug in the Unix install process (bug reported by Benny
- [GUI] Added the GL viewport object : d_algl_viewport_proc
- [X Driver] Fixed a bug that prevented SCREEN_W and SCREEN_H to be set to
correct values if the dimensions of the fullscreen display did not match
those asked by the user (bug reported by Benny Kramek).
- [X Driver] Added size and position hints for the Window Manager in order to
prevent the window to be resized (issue reported by Benny Kramek).
- [Ext] Added AGL_DEFINE_PROC_TYPE in order to hide the need of APIENTRY for
Windows platforms (issue reported by Andrew Bainbridge).
- [Ext] Cleaned up the code. AllegroGL no longer tries to define GL 1.2
features itself. Use GLsdk instead. This removes some conflicts with
GL/glext.h in Windows.
- [Docs] Some tiny documentation updates.
- [Allegro Driver] Added ability to draw characters and 256 color sprites on
the screen bitmap.
- [X Driver] Fixed a bug that made AGL crash when trying to switch several
times between the Allegro's DGA2 driver and the AGL's OpenGL driver
(thanks to Chris Martens for pointing out the fix).
- [Texture] Changed the default settings of the texture created by
'allegro_gl_make_texture' with mipmapping disabled : bilinear filtering
is now disabled for consistency with the behaviour of the same function
when mipmapping is enabled (issue reported by Steve Apostol).
- [Core] Fixed a bug where AGL overwrited mask colors of Allegro's vtables
and did not set them back to their previous values when switching back
to a non-OpenGL mode (bug reported by Chris Martens).
- [Core] Added the ability to manipulate AGL's mouse cursor with Allegro's
functions : show_mouse, set_mouse_sprite, scare_mouse,...
- [Build] Fixed a bug in the DJGPP build process : agl_ext.h was not built
(bug reported by Jeff Hurdle)
- [Windows Driver] Fixed a bug that prevented WGL extensions to be written
in the log file.
- [Ext] Fixed GLsdk integration : renamed AGL_EXTENSIONS to AGL_USE_EXTENSIONS
(issue reported by Igor Gnip)
- [Core] Added a workaround for buggy proxy textures management of GL drivers
based on Mesa/DRI (bug reported by Steffen Hein).
- [Generic driver] Fixed a bug related to generation of masked textures from
a 15 bpp bitmap.... read more

Posted by Bertrand 2002-11-19

AllegroGL 0.1.2 Released!

Changes from 0.1.0 to 0.1.2:

* Robert J Ohannessian
- [Texture] Workaround for GL drivers that convert textures to 16-bit
even when 32-bit was requested (thanks to Nick Davies for
pointing out the fix).
- [Docs] Fixed the demo program in quickstart.txt
- [Build] Fixed include dir in makefiles
- [AGLF] Made scale factor in AGLF conversion be able to flip y-axis.
- [Allegro Driver] Added clip support for the screen and sub-bitmaps
- [Build] Fixed various issues with the Windows makefiles.
- [Allegro Driver] Added ability to blit from memory bitmaps of
arbitrary depth to the screen and video bitmaps.
- [Ext] GLsdk integration. AGL should now be able to detect and link
to GLsdk if the user puts it in the add-on directory.
This allows usage of GL 1.3 and extensions under Windows
and Linux.
- [Core] Made double buffering, and hardware acceleration default
settings. You don't need to specify those any longer unless
you want to require them.
- [Windows Driver] Bug fix in the Windows full screen color depth
detection code.
(thanks to George Foot for pointing it out)
- [Docs] Various documentation updates
- [AGLF] Fixed a bug in the system fonts in AGLF. A float was
accidentally type changed to an int.
- [Examples] Fixed yaw/pitch/roll in excamera.c. Thanks to George
Foot for the correct equations!
- [Math] Fixed a bug in excamera.c and maths.c which caused glRotate
to rotate around a zero vector.
- [Allegro Driver] Text partially off screen renders correctly now.
- [Scorer] Added RGBA accumulator depth
- [Core] Added extra checks to make sure the user doesn't call
GL commands without a valid context.... read more

Posted by Robert J Ohannessian 2002-06-10

0.1.0 tarball

Well, it's here :)

Posted by Robert J Ohannessian 2002-04-26

AllegroGL 0.1.0 Released!

Changes from 0.0.24 to 0.1.0:

Note: AllegroGL 0.1.0 is NOT source compatible with AllegroGL 0.0.24

* Bertrand Coconnier:
- Changed the DOS port into a generic driver that can either be built on DOS
or Unix platforms (thanks to Allegro and Mesa portability !).
- Upgraded the DOS (aka generic) driver to Mesa 4.0 (splitted amesa.c into
amesa.c and raster.c)
- allegro_gl_get_proc_address now works for the DOS (aka generic) driver too.
- Added automatic dependencies generation for the Unix build.
- Fixed the draw_glyph method of the generic driver.
- Fixed the DJGPP makefile (according to Bob's new makefile system).
- Fixed the color conversion problem of the generic driver (RGB components
were sometimes mixed up)
- Fixed a bug in the glClear method of the generic driver : it now takes
glClearColor into account.
- Fixed a bug that made the generic driver overwrite Allegro's vtables, thus
rendering Allegro graphic functions useless.
- Fixed a bug in 'remove_allegro_gl' : Allegro's gfx drivers are now correctly
restored .
- In alleggl.h, the prototypes of the functions that manage OpenGL extensions
are now included in 'extern "C"' : they can now be used in a C++ prog.
- Added an example (exgui.c) of how to use Allegro GUI routines within
- Fixed a tiny bug in (and BTW simplified) the clear_to_color method.... read more

Posted by Robert J Ohannessian 2002-04-04

AllegroGL 0.0.20 released!

Changes from 0.0.18 to 0.0.20:

* Bertrand Coconnier:
- Doc updates.
- Fixed the GFX_VTABLE 'hfill' entry which must not be NULL.

* Robert J Ohannessian
- Fixed textout not working on non-square fonts. The bug crept back
during an eariler patch, sorry.
- Doc updates.
- Fixed windowed mode bug in Windows.
- Fixed GFX_VTABLE to compile with WIP 39 (added hrect field)
- Fixed multi-range TEXTURED fonts.

Posted by Robert J Ohannessian 2001-10-23

AllegroGL 0.0.18 Released!

Changes from 0.0.16 to 0.0.18:

* Bertrand Coconnier:
- Fixed the allegro_gl_screen and __allegro_gl_memory deallocation bug.
- Fixed the reinitialization of keyboard and mouse when set_gfx_mode is
- Added lots of debug info on the Unix build.
- Added a DOS driver for rendering via Mesa. OpenGL programs can now be
written for DOS!
- Added the ability to hint windowness to the graphics driver.
- Fixed a bug in exalleg which caused textures to not show up in 32bpp.
- Determined the glvtable bug.
- Added alpha channel support for 32 bpp in X.
- Fixed the problematic color depth problem.
- allegro_gl_printf now behaves accordingly to the value set with
allegro_gl_use_alpha_channel.... read more

Posted by Robert J Ohannessian 2001-09-06

AllegroGL 0.0.16 Released!

Changes from 0.0.14 to 0.0.16:

* Steffen Hein
- Fixed compilation warning

* Robert J Ohannessian
- Fixed error in texture uploading code.
- Added a new example (extextur) which tests texturing and blending.
- Added another example that tests the texture-bitmap masking code.
- Fixed a bug that made AllegroGL overwrite Allegro's vtables, thus
rendering Allegro graphic functions useless.
- Added the (incomplete) video bitmap vtable. Only create/destroy/
putpixel/getpixel are supported.
- Added an fps counter, and fixed the double buffering bug in dumbtest.
- Added some simple Allegro calls in exalleg.
- Updated docs, added a buglist.
- Added RGBA depths to the scorer system, including depth guessing.
- Replaced incorrect blending modes with ones that work.
- Added priliminary support for video bitmaps through textures.
vline/hline/line/rectfill and video->screen blits are supported.
(need latest CVS of Allegro, or 3.9.38).
- Fixed the 2D projection matrix to work with exact coordinates (according
to the red book anyway)
- Fixed a bug that made AllegroGL crash when doing screen->memory blits.... read more

Posted by Robert J Ohannessian 2001-08-06

AllegroGL 0.0.14 Unix package now on SourceForge.

Posted by Robert J Ohannessian 2001-08-04

SF integration works


Posted by Robert J Ohannessian 2001-08-04

Testing cron job

Not mush details... Just testing to see if cron can generate the htmls.

Posted by Robert J Ohannessian 2001-08-03

0.0.14 Released!

Change log:

* Eric Botcazou
- made AGL re-read the desktop depth in select_pixel_format() to go
around a bug in Win95.
- Fixed the window-can-be-resized bug in the Windows port.

* Robert J Ohannessian
- Fixed a bad bug in the texture uploading code. AllegroGL should now
properly work in alternate color depths (thanks to stoney``,
_deserel and networm, from #allegro on EFNet for the bug reports!)
- Added the allegro_gl_opengl_version() function.
- Bug in 32bpp modes - Allegro loads bitmaps with alpha channel set to 0.
This causes textures to not show up (documented)
- Updated the docs for the texture routines.
- Renamed the LOG macro to AGL_LOG to avoid conflicts.
- Added a compile-time version check for Allegro.
- Added a compile-time version check for OpenGL 1.1
- Removed the AGL_PPT and AGL_PPF macros - they don't make sense anymore,
and replaced them with new functions (allegro_gl_get_texture_format()
allegro_gl_bitmap_color_format() and allegro_gl_bitmap_type())
- Fixed the color bug in extext
- Merged the texturing code from AGLF and AllegroGL
- Added a new option for mipmapping.
- Improved the visuals in the extext example.
- Split alleggl.c into alleggl.c and texture.c
- Fixed character alignment bug in AGLF.
- Fixed incorrect character sizes in AGLF. Also made 16 pixels = 1.0 units
in the Allegro->Textured code (documented).
- Fixed "polygons being always culled" bug in AGLF (thanks to Bertrand &
dusekm for the bug reports).
- Added a main page to the Doxygen generated documentation. Rearanged
the readme and quickstart guides. Added a FAQ.... read more

Posted by Robert J Ohannessian 2001-07-16

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