Amazing Tetris

Lars Sonnen, Matthias Müller, Michael Willems and Markus Wall have published a new Tetris clone named Amazing Tetris. Of course, it uses Allegro.pas. They created it as a Computer Science project for school, and they helped testing and providing the OGG/Vorbis loader for Allegro.pas that I added as an add-on to the library.

If you are a Tetris fan then you know that not all Tetris clones are the same. Amazin Tetris has some nice features, as a "hold" place, a shadow to show you where the piece will fall and it shows the next 3 pieces. There are also different game modes, and you can customize the game adding music and backgrounds that can be animated!

You can download the game from RPGHacker's web site. I'ts compiled for Windows, but I've tested it on Linux using WineHQ and it does work (with a small glitch).

Posted by Guillermo Martínez Jiménez 2013-07-22

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