#15 GBA support


How about adding GBA to Allegro?
Since gba can be programmed with GCC, it should not be
too big project ;)

  • Mankeli / Hno3


  • Chris Jefferson

    Chris Jefferson - 2003-04-25

    Logged In: YES

    While it would be possible to have an allegro-style API on the
    GBA, Allegro's method of performing graphic work is really
    not designed in a way which would be efficent on the GBA,
    as the GBA has a low processor speed but many hardware
    accelerated features. The main one is "sprites", which do not
    have a PC equivalent (on the PC we have to redraw the
    background whenever an object moves.. on the GBA we don't)

  • Eric Botcazou

    Eric Botcazou - 2003-10-07

    Logged In: YES

    The 'allegro_console_branch' has been created in the CVS
    tree to explore the feasibility of such a port.

  • Chris Micheal Katko

    Logged In: YES

    Actually, allegro would in fact have support for GBA sprites.
    They're called system bitmaps, which take into account
    any "system specifc" acceleration. But a GBA driver would
    (obviously) need to be added.

    >(on the PC we have to redraw the background whenever an
    object moves.. on the GBA we don't)

    That has nothing to do with it being a PC game. Ever heard
    of "dirty rectangles"? Also, many QBasic games (QB having
    very slow routines) must draw only the changes. As a full
    update is beyond slow.

    Also, GBA being a console, having very specific hardware is a
    very bad thing to add into the main branch. Hence the reason
    for the console branch.

  • Damian Yerrick

    Damian Yerrick - 2006-09-26

    Logged In: YES

    The Nintendo DS might be a much better target for this kind
    of port.


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