Bugs with All Chars Windows 7 32 BITS

  • Souhila Messaoud-Galusi

    Hi all,

    Like you, I am an All Chars aficionado and I have installed it on my new
    Windows 7 OS which is giving a hard time with most of my software updates
    (arrgh)! All Chars seems to work fine but once I have activated a special
    character, it seems to take control of all the following actions I am taking
    and interacts with the functioning of office programs (2007).

    For example, after activating AllChars with the ctrl as a default key, the
    appropriate character would be entered. AFter that, I am no longer able to
    write onto any of my ppt slide, I would not be able to save using ctrl+s, ppt
    would duplicate slides instead, open menus I did not ask or even open a new
    document after pressing certain keys. It seems to me like AllChars activates a
    key behind my back and prevents me from using my mouse appropriately and turns
    all my key strokes to short cuts that do not do what I want them to do.

    Problems stop if I exit AllChars (but I don't really want to, I want it
    activated all the time so I can simply use ctrl to activate the special
    characters I need).

    I read the previous topics but could not find anyone sharing similar
    difficulties. Has anyone ran into the same prob and would you have any
    suggestions to sort this out?



  • Carson

    Carson - 2010-07-18

    I'm no expert, so all I can see here is that somehow your AllChars keys
    intended as global are being interpreted as ppt shortcuts.

    My best guess (and my apologies; it's just a guess) would be to do these in
    whatever seems the easier sequence:

    — checking settings specific to ppt by calling up any other MS Office
    program—probably I'd try Word—and seeing whether AllChars was okay with it.

    — check out AllChars as being the bad guy, by disabling AllChars 5 and trying
    AllChars 4 (or the opposite; I'm assuming you're using AllChars 5)

    On Windows 7, I was using AllChars 4 with no trouble at all. Right up until I
    took Windows 7 off and happily returned to XP. So, if your MS Office Word, for
    instance, is okay with AllChars, then perhaps your PowerPoint is accidentally
    set to "record" AllChars input, and is basically stealing your AllChars
    keystrokes for ppt's own.

    Please write back, as there may be others who will want to know how this turns
    out. Thank you.

  • Souhila Messaoud-Galusi

    Thanks grongle but nothing helped. On top, All Chars seems to be slightly
    temperemental on W7. Sometimes, the compose key works and sometimes it won't.
    It'd be great if the creators could work out a solution as more of us will be
    moving to windows 7 in the future (and they got me totally addicted to
    Allchars now). So still hoping to hear from anyone who has a solution!
    Cheerio. Souhila

  • Carson

    Carson - 2010-07-19

    No, that's not it. As I said, I had AllChars working just fine on Windows 7

    I was using AllChars 4.0.321. No problems. Nor should there be, considering
    AllChars works fine on Vista too.

  • Anonymous - 2011-02-28 works flawless on Windows 7 64bit/Office 2010 32 bit until now.

  • Ken Thompson

    Ken Thompson - 2011-09-13

    Have new machine w/ Win7, x64. Have tried AllChars 3.6.3, 4.0.321, 5.0.181 --
    no success. Am using 3.6.3 on Win 98SE, XP Home & XP Pro with no problems. I
    use AllChars in MS_Office, Notepad, browsers (IE, FireFoxI, NetScape). Is
    there some system setting in Win7 that i have to change for AllChars to work?

    Have tried UniChars, not able to understand the docs. Currently checking out
    the free version of Phrase Express, but it does WAY more than i need.

  • Ken Thompson

    Ken Thompson - 2012-04-03

    Finally figured out how to get v5.0.181 working on Win 7, both x32 & x64. Only
    problem now is that doubled characters in macros are singled on output --
    treated by keyboard driver as keybounce.


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