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AllChars would be particularly useful on Windows TSE servers. When accessing to a TSE server from remote Linux computers vith tsclient, all the compose keys are no more accssibles. So, installing AllChars on the TSE server will permit to keep the compose key. I copied Allcars in a C:\Program Files\AllChars folder and added a link to it in the C:\Documents And Settings\ All Users\Menu Démarrer\ Programmes\Démarrage but it doesn't work. Each time somebody connects to the TSE server, a message says that AllChars can't start more than once at the same time and it stops. How to have Allchars working on a TSE server?


  • Joachim Breuer

    Joachim Breuer - 2010-03-10

    @albator57: Your users.sourceforge.net address does not work, if you need any more information please let me know a working contact address.

    Unfortunately, I do not have a TSE installation "anywhere" available for
    testing; and as such any code changes with regards to TSE would
    degenerate to blind poking.

    The (probably) offending check is in AllChars.cs near line 413 - 419,
    the 'if' block with GetProcessByName in it; you could try to comment out
    this block.

    GetProcessByName is wrong in exactly the way described, but needed to
    stay there for the time being since the alread deployed binary versions
    of AllChars v3/v4 use this locking mechanism.

    A viable fix would be to omit the GetProcessByName check if there is a "I know what I'm doing" configuration or registry entry.

  • Anonymous - 2010-04-24


    Is it possible to start several Allchars in the same time on a normal Windows? (I didn't test it). If so, I think that it will be possible to use it on a TSE server.
    Installing a software on a TSE server is the same thing than installing a software on a normal Windows. On a TSE server, the software must only be capable to store separatly each user's parameters. For exemple, Firefox does that and works perfectly on a TSE server.
    I can't give you an access to our TSE server because it's used in my company. But if you want, I can make tests and give you the results, if it can help.

    • Joachim Breuer

      Joachim Breuer - 2013-02-11

      The problem is that running AllChars multiple times on the same machine has to be avoided at all costs, especially if v4 is involved - this would completely break keyboard input.

      That's the reason that AllChars v5 refuses to start when there's an AllChars process already running.

      For in-house use, you could build a version of AllChars with that check disabled (see above).

  • Anonymous - 2010-04-24

    My e-mail adress is david.vantyghem AT free.fr



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