#6 Alice "Bugs" and learning


I am fascinated with the alice software. I had a very
old version of alice running on my pc long ago. This
new version seems to have alot of new bells and
whistles. However, I have noticed that the program is
very unstable. It will crash after about 15 minutes.
(Less if I tell alice alot of things she has never
heard before) Also, I would like to be able to teach
alice. The downloaded version I have "WinAlice" doesnt
seem to learn. She doesnt read the PC's clock for time
and date, She cant remember my name, and she has a
difficult time remembering appointments. Was this
version of alice designed to learn? Or is there just a
preset set of responses? I would really like to work
with this AI and see how far I can take it in its
learning. Unfortunately between the bugs, and the AI's
apparent inability to learn, this is beginning to
appear to be a futile effort. If you have any advice
(Other than massive hardware upgrades) please contact
me at mghtyred_AT_rocketmail_DOT_com

(Email address re-phrased to avoid spammers)


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