#90225 CVS services issue

First Level Support

The anonymous CVS tree available through pserver is not
reflecting the changes in the developer CVS tree for
the Numeric Python project module Numeric3.

Thus, as a developer I can get a functioning copy of
the code base, but anonymous users get an old copy.

This apparently has something to do with the CVS downtime.

-Travis Oliphant


  • Anonymous - 2005-08-11
    • status: open --> closed
  • Anonymous - 2005-08-11

    Logged In: YES


    As documented in the site status, the backup CVS server is
    currently serving ViewCVS and pserver based CVS access. This
    server is about 5 hours out of sync with the primary CVS
    server (or empty if you have not imported any data into CVS
    yet). You should refer to the site status for further
    updates to this issue. Should you require further
    assistance, please submit a new Support Request.

    Thank you,

    Erich Zigler
    First Level Support Technician, SourceForge.net

  • Anonymous - 2005-08-11
    • milestone: --> First Level Support
    • assigned_to: nobody --> zigler
    • summary: Pserver CVS not reflecting changes to developer CVS --> CVS services issue

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