#84855 Project registration rejection: phplitefw

First Level Support

PHP Lite Framework

unix name: phplitefw

Registration description: This framework was developed
by taking ideas from other web frameworks, both Java
and PHP. It was built to allow direct php coding for
the dynamic parts of the web application, while
allowing the framework to control the layout of the
site via a templating system. There is a central
controller that processes all requests, and requests
include the module name and the function name to call
within that module. The module and function direct the
central controller to call the correct method in the
framework. It also includes an Open Source Database
abstraction library, but adds to it to make it even
easier to write database access code. Another notable
feature of the framework is a set of classes that ease
the creation and processing of html web forms.


This project was rejected. Please let me know what I
can do to get it approved.

Wes Rood


  • Anonymous - 2005-05-02

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