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  • Quentin Cregan

    Quentin Cregan - 2000-12-13
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    Apologies for any troubles you're currently having with the
    system. We hope to have these all ironed out this weekend. If
    you'd like to read over the following document - we believe it
    will answer all, if not most of your questions. (Yes, it is a
    reprint of what is on the front page.)

    Hope this helps clarify where we're at,

    - Quentin

    Now would be an appropriate time to post, so that we keep
    everyone in the loop as to what's going on with SourceForge. A
    lot has been happening around the office, which has meant that
    there have been some sitewide changes - and in this process, some
    breakages that we'd like you to know that we're working on.

    (1) Actual Site Database

    First up, we've migrated the database. SourceForge.Net site code
    is now backended onto PostgreSQL, in place of MySQL. For more
    information on our reasons for changing over, please see Tim
    Perdue's article on PHPBuilder :

    (2) Site location / Network Layout

    For those unsure: we're currently split across four
    datacenters. We have our new equipment housed at Exodus in
    Silicon Valley and Boston, our old equipment at VA's previous
    location in Sunnyvale, and VA's new/current location in Fremont,
    California. All equipment will be migrated out of Sunnyvale and
    onto new equipment this Friday night (9pm - 3am PST (GMT-8)) -
    during which downtime is expected.

    After the move:

    We're migrating to a approximately thirty plus new servers in
    Exodus, and a centralized authentication scheme via LDAP. This
    means that any future new projects, password modifications, email
    modifications and the like will take effect within a few minutes,
    and not a few hours.

    All project and webserving equipment will be housed at Exodus in
    California in a bid to remove a majority of connection issues.
    We will have the new and improved compile farm living in Fremont,
    California - when it comes online, shortly after the move.

    We have our download / mirror server currently hosted in Exodus
    Boston (ftp2.sourceforge.net). FTP1 is currently still down due
    to hardware failure, but is looking to make a return very soon.
    Until such time, file releases will be managed out of

    (3) Resolution of current open issues:

    In short, since the migration to the new database server,
    database dumps and syncs haven't been occurring on time. This
    has meant that the following issues may have been noticed - and
    will be targeted at being resolved by Saturday 3am PST. (GMT-8)

    (1) Password syncs / changes
    (2) Email address changes
    (3) Creation / addition of
    (i) User home directories and shell accounts on CVS server and
    shell server
    (ii) Group home directories and group CVSROOT files (i.e.
    addition/removal of developers from CVS commit.)
    (iii) New mail aliases.

    Not DB related:

    (1) Some email list delays in delivery
    (2) Delays in importing CVS trees / removing CVS lockfiles /
    val-tags issues
    (3) File release
    (4) VHost / Database Automation
    (5) Statistics

    These issues will be resolved in the following ways:

    (1) LDAP - we're moving to utilising LDAP for all logins. This
    means that accounts will be created in (close to) real time, and
    centrally authenticated across all servers.

    Non DB:

    (2) Email cluster - we're moving the list server onto two
    machines, and it will no longer share mailing tasks with the
    primary mail server. By quadrupling the mailing servers, we're
    hoping to crush the mail distribution problem.

    (3) Well, it has been a long time coming. Shell level CVS tree
    access for project administrators. This will allow project
    administrators to clean up and alter their trees with out
    consulting a SourceForge Admin.

    (4) File Release - this system has some pending changes in the
    development tree that should be available soon. We're sorry for
    the upload/incoming downtime earlier in the week - but with FTP2
    now taking the load, any problems should now be limited.

    (5) VHost & Database automation: VHosts and databases will be
    able to be managed from the project administration page after
    this weekend. Again, this cuts out the middleman, allowing for
    project administrators to take greater control of their systems.

    (6) Statistics - the statistics system for the projects is being
    totally rewritten by one of our developers, and will be available
    next week.


    Well. I hope this gives you some idea what the staff here at
    SourceForge have been snowed under with over the past few weeks.
    Once this system is up, we're expecting to have as close to total
    redundancy as is possible. Better accessibility, better
    services, better Open Source development.

  • Quentin Cregan

    Quentin Cregan - 2000-12-13
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