#78333 Project administration question


I have registered a project which now has broadened
scope. What can I do in order to rename the project ?


  • David Burley

    David Burley - 2005-01-14

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    Each project hosted on SourceForge.net has two names. The
    first name is called the descriptive name; it is used solely
    for cosmetic purposes and is displayed on each page for the
    project. The second name is the UNIX name; it is used to
    define the URL to the project page, any directories used by
    the project, and the hostname for the project web server for
    that project.

    The administrator for a project may change the descriptive
    name for a project at any time by using the 'Edit Public
    Info' section of the Project Admin page for that project.
    The Project Admin page is accessible using the 'Project
    Admin' link in the left navbar of the SourceForge.net site
    when viewing the summary page for that project.

    Once a project has been registered, the UNIX name for that
    project may not be changed. If you must change the UNIX
    name for your project, please register a new project under
    the desired name, move over any content from the old project
    to the new project, then submit a new support request asking
    to have the old project removed (please include the UNIX
    name for that project). In the event that your project has
    a CVS repository which will need to be moved over to the new
    project, please submit a new support request asking for the
    repository to be moved to the new project (please include
    the UNIX names for both projects).

    Do note that tracker data, forums, statistics and other parts of
    the project information cannot and will not be moved over to the
    new project. They will be lost in this process and you should
    weigh that against the benefit of the different UNIX name.

    In the event that you should have further questions or
    concerns regarding this matter, please re-open this support
    request and add a comment.

    Thank you,

    SourceForge.net support

  • David Burley

    David Burley - 2005-01-14
    • status: open --> closed
  • David Burley

    David Burley - 2005-01-14
    • milestone: 104419 --> Second Level Support
    • assigned_to: nobody --> burley
    • summary: rename a project --> Project administration question

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