#68410 CVS usage issue

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I am a developer for the hola project hosted on

I am trying to do some work from a machine that used to
work fine, but from which I haven't cvs up'dated for a
while. When I try to do any cvs command, I get the
following error:
~/research$ cvs co msspd
Cannot access /cvsroot/hola/CVSROOT
No such file or directory

The CVS repository for the project is browsable and
seems to contain all the right things, as does the
tarball. I can cvs update from other machines. This
machine is running debian

my $CVS_RSH is "ssh" and my $CVSROOT is
"uname -a" returns "Linux lab26 2.4.25 #1 SMP Thu Feb
19 10:40:47 CST 2004 i686 GNU/Linux"
"cvs --version" returns "Concurrent Versions System
(CVS) 1.12.9 (client/server)"

Do you have any ideas?



  • Philip (Flip) Kromer

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    OK, I just found the answer to my question:

    ( 2004-05-03 05:41:25 - Project CVS Service ) As of
    2004-04-28 the CVS services will no longer function with the
    hostname of cvs.PROJECTNAME.sourceforge.net. You should
    change your CVS commands to use the host cvs.sourceforge.net
    (the fix for this under all platforms is to perform a
    checkout into a new directory using the new hostname) and
    that should resolve any outstanding issues that you may have
    (this includes issues relating to the SSH host key change
    warning, among others). This issue came about as a result of
    upgrading from BIND 8 to BIND 9 which doesn't allow for a
    wildcard in the middle of a hostname.

    Now I am happily CVS'ing again.


  • David Burley

    David Burley - 2004-06-30
    • milestone: --> First Level Support
    • assigned_to: nobody --> burley
    • summary: Error Message: "Cannot access /cvsroot/hola/CVSROOT" --> CVS usage issue
    • status: open --> closed
  • David Burley

    David Burley - 2004-06-30

    Logged In: YES


    Based on the most recent comment on this support request, it
    is our understanding that this matter has been addressed.
    Should you require further assistance from the
    SourceForge.net team, please submit a new support request.

    Thank you,

    SourceForge.net support


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