#58537 Abandoned project takeover: opentms (PENDING RES/23)

John Groves

I would like to submit my project for hosting on SourceForge.net based on the following information. It is my understanding that the UNIX name I selected is currently in use (either by another active project, a deleted project, or by an "on-hold" project). This Tracker item has been autogenerated by the Project Registration system (https://sourceforge.net/register/) on SourceForge.net.

The settings (priority, assignee, etc.) of this request should not be changed except by SourceForge.net staff. A response to this inquiry should be provided by SourceForge.net staff within 5 business days (the SourceForge.net team works at least Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Pacific, excepting holidays). Should you need to inquire regarding the status of this project takeover request, please add a comment to this Support Request.

1. Submitter: jagalactic

Unique token: 7f7bba230b0a358cac63df73bd266474

2. UNIX name: opentms

3. Descriptive name: OpenTMS

4. License: gpl

License other:

5. Public description: OpenTMS is a full-function tape management system, similar to the tape management functionality long supported on mainframe computers. It provides commands and an API for storing and retrieving files / data objects to tape volumes in an automated tape library.

6. Registration description: We are developing a GPL tape management system (TMS) for Linux, as well as the other open systems platforms (Solaris, HPUX, AIX, possibly others). This software will abstract tape libraries into volume groups (logically infinite size) to which files (or objects) can be stored and retrieved.

We also plan to develop a heirarchical storage management (HSM) filesystem component (as a dmapi client to the XFS filesystem), which will support automatically saving multiple versions of each file, as well as continuous backup-type functionality.

If we're successful, this will go a long way to making linux an enterprise storage management platform. We believe that this is a set of functionality that should be OS services, as it is/was in the mainframe (MVS) world. But all that is available currently is expensive commercial products.



  • Jacob Moorman

    Jacob Moorman - 2004-01-28
    • assigned_to: nobody --> burley
  • David Burley

    David Burley - 2004-01-28
    • status: open --> pending
  • David Burley

    David Burley - 2004-01-28

    Logged In: YES


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    following information:

    1. A technical description (at least two paragraphs in
    length) of the software you are developing, including the
    programming language(s) used in its development and its
    major features.

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  • John Groves

    John Groves - 2004-01-28

    Logged In: YES

    Code is written largely in C. We have an API in tcl/tk,
    though we may not keep it.

    This an api and a set of commands that abstracts an
    automated tape library into a collection of volume
    (volume=tape) sets on which data can be stored or retrieved.
    It behaves very much like a mainframe TMS (tape management

    Quite a lot of work has been done on this code, but plans
    for using it as commercial software have been scuttled, so
    we have decided to open source it.

    This software would be suitable as a tape library backend
    for a backup software package (such as amanda) or for a HSM
    filesystem (of which there are currently none in open
    source, but we are exploring development of one).

    Here is a list of commands:

    tms_edit - modify the catalog entry of a volume
    tms_fedit - modify the catalog entry of a file
    tms_free - free a previously reserved device
    tms_inq - display the path names for the special files
    associated with a
    pseudo device
    tms_opmsg - send a message to the TMS operator
    tms_pcreate - create a new volume pool
    tms_pdelete - delete a volume pool
    tms_pedit - edit a volume pool
    tms_pretrieve - initiate retrieval of a scratch volume
    tms_psubmit - submit a scratch volume to TMS
    tms_r - TMS report generator
    tms_rcreate - create a rotation schedule
    tms_rdelete - delete a rotation schedule
    tms_reserve - reserve one or more devices
    tms_status - display device reservation status
    tms_unq - unqueue TMS requests
    tms_vaccess - initiate access to a volumeset
    tms_vcreate - create a volumeset
    tms_vdisplay - display information about an accessed volumeset
    tms_vedit - modify the catalog entries for volumes in a
    tms_vmount - mount a volume
    tms_vmove - schedule a volumeset for movement to a
    different site
    tms_vread - read a file from a volumeset
    tms_vrelease - terminate access to a volumeset
    tms_vretrieve - initiate volumeset retrieval
    tms_vscratch - scratch a volumeset
    tms_vsubmit - submit a volumeset
    tms_vtran - reinitialize a transient volumeset
    tms_vtruncate - truncate a volumeset
    tms_vunmount - unmount a volume
    tms_vwrite - write a file to a volumeset

    A similar set of API functions will be calling programs (C
    linkage, but any caller that can use that can call it).

    I hope this is enough. We would like to call it OpenTMS
    because it is "a TMS". When I created the project, the
    system suggested that I request to take over that name, so I
    did. If the name isn't available, we'll get over it and
    pick another...


  • John Groves

    John Groves - 2004-01-28
    • status: pending --> open
  • David Burley

    David Burley - 2004-02-02
    • assigned_to: burley --> moorman
  • David Burley

    David Burley - 2004-02-02

    Logged In: YES

    This comment has been posted for use by SourceForge.net
    staff in evaluating your request for project takeover.

    Project UNIX name: opentms
    Rejection cause:
    Current project Status:Active

    Active Project:
    Project has file releases? NO
    Binaries only, no source? NO
    Project uses CVS? YES
    Data significance: Minor
    Retain old project? N

    A member of the SourceForge.net team will use this
    information when reviewing this request. Further information
    will be posted to this support request at that time.

    Thank you,

    SourceForge.net support

  • John Groves

    John Groves - 2004-02-03

    Logged In: YES

    I'm sorry, but I don't understand the last comment. Does this
    effectively mean I should just re-submit under a different
    name? Or something else?

  • Jacob Moorman

    Jacob Moorman - 2004-02-09
    • summary: Abandoned project takeover: opentms --> Abandoned project takeover: opentms (PENDING RES/23)
  • Jacob Moorman

    Jacob Moorman - 2004-02-09

    Logged In: YES


    The SourceForge.net team has sent a message to the administrator
    of the existing project (whose UNIX name you have asked to take
    over), asking for details of whether or not he intends to
    continue his development activities. Pending response to this
    inquiry, or no later than 2003-02-23, the SourceForge.net team
    will make a determination as to whether control of this project
    will be transferred to your SourceForge.net user account. Your
    patience is appreciated.

    Should you have further questions or concerns regarding this
    matter in the interim, please add a comment to this support

    Thank you,

    Jacob Moorman
    Quality of Service Manager, SourceForge.net

  • Jacob Moorman

    Jacob Moorman - 2004-02-25
    • assigned_to: moorman --> burley
  • David Burley

    David Burley - 2004-02-25
    • status: open --> closed
  • David Burley

    David Burley - 2004-02-25

    Logged In: YES


    Control of the project in question has been transferred to your
    user account. If the project was created anew, you should receive
    a new project registration e-mail shortly. Do note, that in those
    cases, there may be a delay of up to 24 hours before all services
    will be made active. You should also read the Site Status
    document periodically to be aware of all current outstanding
    issues with the SourceForge.net website.

    Should you require further assistance, please submit a new
    Support Request.

    Thank you,

    SourceForge.net Support


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