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#57382 Abandoned project takeover: vimdoc (SPEC) (PENDING RES/11)

Dan Sharp

I would like to submit my project for hosting on based on the following information. It is my understanding that the UNIX name I selected is currently in use (either by another active project, a deleted project, or by an "on-hold" project). This Tracker item has been autogenerated by the Project Registration system ( on

The settings (priority, assignee, etc.) of this request should not be changed except by staff. A response to this inquiry should be provided by staff within 5 business days (the team works at least Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Pacific, excepting holidays). Should you need to inquire regarding the status of this project takeover request, please add a comment to this Support Request.

1. Submitter: dwsharp

Unique token: 29cd3fa87360aaa421a8b081938612a9

2. UNIX name: vimdoc

3. Descriptive name: vimdoc

4. License: website

License other:

5. Public description: Central place for Vim documentation.

6. Registration description: This is a request to 'take over' an existing project. The "Vimdoc" site has not been updated in two years. I have made repeated attempts to contact the current project admin (Thorsten Maerz, about changes / addition and have never received a reply. He appears active on the sylpheed-claws project, so I do not know why my emails (from various addresses) have been ignored.

I wish to be added to the project as an admin, or at least a developer, so that we (the Vim community) can finally start making some changes and updates to the site. The documentation on the site is currently at least one version behind, and many of the links and features no longer work (like searching the FAQ).



  • Jacob Moorman

    Jacob Moorman - 2004-01-19
    • assigned_to: nobody --> burley
  • David Burley

    David Burley - 2004-01-20
    • assigned_to: burley --> moorman
    • summary: Abandoned project takeover: vimdoc --> Abandoned project takeover: vimdoc (SPEC)
  • David Burley

    David Burley - 2004-01-20

    Logged In: YES

    This comment has been posted for use by
    staff in evaluating your request for project takeover.

    Project UNIX name: vimdoc
    Rejection cause:
    Current project Status: Active

    Active Project:
    Project has file releases? NO
    Binaries only, no source? NO
    Project uses CVS? YES
    Data significance: Minor
    Retain old project? YES

    A member of the team will use this
    information when reviewing this request. Further information
    will be posted to this support request at that time.

    Thank you, support

  • Jacob Moorman

    Jacob Moorman - 2004-01-28
    • summary: Abandoned project takeover: vimdoc (SPEC) --> Abandoned project takeover: vimdoc (SPEC) (PENDING RES/11)
  • Jacob Moorman

    Jacob Moorman - 2004-01-28

    Logged In: YES


    The team has sent a message to the administrator
    of the existing project (whose UNIX name you have asked to take
    over), asking for details of whether or not he intends to
    continue his development activities. Pending response to this
    inquiry, or no later than 2003-02-11, the team
    will make a determination as to whether control of this project
    will be transferred to your user account. Your
    patience is appreciated.

    Should you have further questions or concerns regarding this
    matter in the interim, please add a comment to this support

    Thank you,

    Jacob Moorman
    Quality of Service Manager,

  • Jacob Moorman

    Jacob Moorman - 2004-02-12
    • assigned_to: moorman --> burley
  • David Burley

    David Burley - 2004-02-12
    • status: open --> closed
  • David Burley

    David Burley - 2004-02-12

    Logged In: YES


    Control of the project in question has been transferred to your
    user account. If the project was created anew, you should receive
    a new project registration e-mail shortly. Do note, that in those
    cases, there may be a delay of up to 24 hours before all services
    will be made active. You should also read the Site Status
    document periodically to be aware of all current outstanding
    issues with the website.

    Should you require further assistance, please submit a new
    Support Request.

    Thank you, Support