#25 cvs repository mess up



  • Nobody/Anonymous

    i have made a big mess of my CVS repository and it's
    completely my fault. but i've bought Per Cederqvist's
    book on CVS and i now know how to use it properly
    after some practice with my local linux CVS version.

    i would appreciate it very much if you cleaned out my
    CVS repository (if possible) and gave my project a
    fresh start.

    here's my information:
    project name=zztpp
    user name=wep

    thanks in advance for your cooperation.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    ok, i read up on cvs and i see the problem. cvs isn't meant
    to remove files or directories from the repository, it's
    supposed to record the fact that you removed something.

    what i can do on my local system, i can't do on yours. it
    would be great if you guys rm -r'ed /cvsroot/zztpp and ran
    a new cvs init there to give me a fresh new repository.

    i promise i will use it wisely from now. honest :D

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Your request has been assigned to one of our team members and it will be handled shortly.

    You can use the URLs in this message to followup and check on your request's status.

  • Tim Perdue

    Tim Perdue - 2000-02-26
    • assigned_to: nobody --> dtype
  • Nobody/Anonymous

    dtype hi,

    there's nothing of value in my cvs repository yet, so it's
    ok to remove the whole thing in /cvsroot/zztpp.


  • Nobody/Anonymous


  • Quentin Cregan

    Quentin Cregan - 2000-03-05
    • assigned_to: dtype --> aphzen
    • status: open --> closed

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