#134139 I cannot visit my project cvs repository


hi, I'm the admin of project wing (http://sourceforge.net/projects/wing-007/). I used to visit :ext:renqilin@wing-007.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/wing-007 to access the read & write cvs repository. However, since today, I cannot visit my cvs repository anymore. What I got is:
cvs update: failed to create lock directory for `/cvsroot/wing-007' (/cvsroot/wing-007/#cvs.lock): Read-only file system
cvs update: failed to obtain dir lock in repository `/cvsroot/wing-007'
cvs [update aborted]: read lock failed - giving up

Can anyone help me?


  • Travis West

    Travis West - 2009-03-11
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    Travis West - 2009-03-11
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  • Travis West

    Travis West - 2009-03-11

    Please note the following Site Status updates on this known issue:


    Latest update:

    The infrastructure upgrades we have made around the CVS service last year
    have made substantial uptime gains for the service and have helped to
    safeguard data. That said, the underlying design of CVS is a limiting
    factor (CVS's network protocol and data storage are both very limiting),
    and you would best be served by moving to a more modern SCM platform if
    high availability is one of your needs. We currently offer Git and
    Subversion (Subversion has a CVS-like command structure), and will soon
    expanding our offering to include Mercurial and Bazaar as well. Our team
    will be glad to support your ongoing use of CVS, or to assist you in
    migrating to an alternate SCM platform.

    Please add a comment here if you have follow-up questions or concerns.

    Travis West
    Support Guy

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