#129884 My mails to the list gets dropped

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I'm one of the administrators of the Octave-Forge project (sourceforge project name: octave). Today, I've been experiencing that most of the mails I send to our mailing list (octave-dev@lists.sourceforge.net) from my main mail (soren@hauberg.org) gets dropped. By "dropped" I mean they simply don't arrive. They are not being held back waiting for approval. If I send messages from another mail of mine (hauberg@gmail.com) I experience no such problems. Do you have any thoughts on what's happening?



  • Travis West

    Travis West - 2008-09-29


    We have been doing an end-to-end walkthrough of all components of our mailing list offering to confirm proper operation.

    At this time:
    * Mailing list traffic is flowing properly.
    * Mailing list archives are current and performant. The archive database was migrated to our new datacenter and underwent performance tuning earlier this week.
    * CVS commit mails to mailing lists are being delivered properly. This was fixed today.
    * Mailing list search is online and current. Mailing list search was migrated earlier this week.
    * Mailing list admin password changes are working properly. This was fixed today.
    * Mailing list unsubscribes performed through the SourceForge.net site are working properly. This was fixed today.
    * Mailing list creation is functioning properly. This was fixed today.

    One component of our mailing list offering is currently offline (but will return to service in the next 1-2 business days): The component which updates the site as to which lists a user is subscribed.

    If you have any follow-up questions or concerns, please submit a Support Request at: https://sourceforge.net/projects/alexandria/support/

    Thank you,

    Jacob Moorman
    Director of Operations, SourceForge.net

  • Travis West

    Travis West - 2008-09-29
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