#104809 CVS usage question

Bruce Allen

I would like to hack my project's CVS repository, but need a bit of
guidance or documentation or handholding. I have rsynced a copy of
the repository locally on my laptop and poked around a bit inside.

My goal is the following. For every file foo.c currently in the repository,
I would like to create an ADDITIONAL IDENTICAL file foo.cpp that
shares the complete history of the original foo.c file, but without ANY
of the symbolic tags.

Could you please advise me how to do this or point me to some docs?
It's clear that for every file foo.c,v I create an identical foo.cpp,v then
remove all the 'symbols' entries.

But what should I do with CVSROOT/editinfo and CVSROOT/editinfo,v?
Do I need to modify other files in CVSROOT?



  • Anonymous - 2006-06-14
    • summary: need help hacking CVS repository --> CVS usage question
    • milestone: --> Second Level Support
    • assigned_to: nobody --> fincher
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  • Bruce Allen

    Bruce Allen - 2006-07-29

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    Thanks very much. I have done as you suggested. Note also that I have
    removed one dead/useless/unused directory and all references to it in history

    Here is a tarball of the hacked CVS repository:
    Please use this tarball to REPLACE the ENTIRE smartmontools CVS repository.

    Note: both myself and several other project developers have saved rsync
    backups of the pre-hacked CVS repository, so if something goes wrong we
    can always recover back to the starting point.

    Thanks again for the quick and helpful response!

    Bruce Allen

  • Bruce Allen

    Bruce Allen - 2006-07-29
    • status: closed --> open
  • David Burley

    David Burley - 2006-08-02
    • assigned_to: fincher --> burley
    • status: open --> closed
  • David Burley

    David Burley - 2006-08-02

    Logged In: YES


    Please follow the instructions located at:

    Please submit a NEW support request when you are ready for
    us to proceed with the import of your content.

    If you believe this canned response has been sent in error,
    please ensure that you have uploaded your content to the project
    shell server (as detailed in the aforementioned document) and
    that the archive in question is intact (undamaged, and readable
    by tar or unzip); then proceed to submit a new support request.

    Thank you,

    SourceForge.net support


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