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Change in underlying file format...


Sorry the unknown masses (hah!) that use this, but:

I am changing the underlying format of the fractal data from the previous 'custom' binary format to XML. Eventually XML schemas will be published to 'open source' this format. As of the next release you'll fid that all old files won't reload at all. Eeek! Sorry. So you'd better start making (text) copies of all of that fractal data (check the 'Title, Author Description' dialog for (some of) those details). This affects Funky Colour Ranges too!... read more

Posted by Jason Hearne-McGuiness 2004-03-25

4-d rendering to 3-d available now!!!

Feature Request: 705284: 4-d rendering to 3-d.
This initial implementation has now been committed to CVS, and a fresh build is available for download! Enjoy!

Posted by Jason Hearne-McGuiness 2003-04-11