AcuLaser C900 CUPS support on i386 Linux / News: Recent posts

Version 1.0 online

Some last fixes, based on latest Mandriva and Ubuntu versions

Have a lot of fun

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2009-01-11

pstops hot-fix for Ubuntu 8.10

The path variable of Ubuntu 8.10 references the wrong pstops executable.
This error is fixed in 0.25

Have a lot of fun

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2008-11-02

Hot-Fix online

There was a problem with the number interpretation, during package generation.
Some newer distros did not support certain options for the alc900.connect script

These issues are fixed.

Have a lot of fun

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2008-08-02

always install "fakeroot" to build deb packages, FIXED!

Dear users,

I apologize another time.
The fakeroot emulation I implemented in "" will not work at all.
Not even as "root".

Always install fakeroot (apt-get install fakeroot) when you want to build the packages.



Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2008-01-09

Bugfixes for 0.20 online

I apologize for the hassle I might have caused.

But the changes were so many on so many systems, that I missed some issues

Have fun, though

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2007-12-22

RPM and DEB Packages in version 0.20

From version 0.20 you can create proper packages for alc900-cups and pipsplus (getting around the lpr problem and the insufficent alien conversions, regarding debian package policy).
The packages work out of the box - at least on my computer - for:
FedoraCore, Mandriva, Suse, Ubuntu.


Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2007-12-20

Error on Edgy Eft ... fixed, 0.16 is online!

The Edgy Eft BASH does not understand, what other BASHes do understand. Sorry

Did it
Have fun

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2006-11-20

Found error in parport support - new version is online!

Just be a bit patient!

... Thank you - Enjoy:

parallel port printing
job size limiting
new duplex arrangement
higher security (no more "sudo")
faster (more intelligent) bundling
new toner options
parallel port probing

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2006-10-07

Adapting for Ubuntu 6.06 DONE - Version 0.14 ready

I found some posts, which stated, that the driver won't run on Dapper Drake.

After a test installation with Ubuntu 6.06, I found several issues - BTW: no easy ones.

May take some time....

...and I am done in the end. This version solves wrapping and SELinux issues, too

If you have any fourther questions, do not hestitate to contact me.

Have fun

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2006-06-11

Special version for FC and RedHat is abandoned

See the download pages

Have fun


Version 0.14 solves it all!

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2006-06-06

SELinux leads to malfunctions (solved by 0.14)

As some posts show, the SELinux properties will cause the driver to malfunction. This is especially true for Fedora Core and Red Hat distributions.

I am just working on an rpm-based alternative to the C900 bundle, that will also work for Fedora Core and Red Hat.

The pipsplus-maintenance tools will probably not be available then, alas.


Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2006-05-16

Bundling + Toner=Autoselect COMPLETED

I analyzed the C900 printer control protocol to a certain extent and I found out the basics of the communication pattern.

It should now be possible to do real spooling, automatic selection of the toner type and to allow the bundling to packages to be able to print some complex documents with the 16MB memory module.

The problem for now is, that I do not know all error conditions of the printer, e.g. for a low photo conductor or a filled waste toner bin. I will probably need all your help to find out, what can happen.... read more

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2006-02-20

lpr dependency solved

A newly included dummy RPM will resolve the - lpr missing - complaints

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2006-02-05

Option: InkType=Autoselect

You wil probably like the new version 0.10, when you are often printing documents with only few colored pages.
The driver will parse through the document, detect all B&W pages and switch to black toner whenever it is possible.
Printing time, processing time, amount of data, and wait time to get the first page printed should decrease dramatically, up to factor 4 - let's hope it will

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2005-10-31

No need to download the rpms or to use "alien"

...Only a short annotation for the ease of use.

When you are connected to the internet, the installer "./" will
- uninstall wrong pipsplus packages
- download all missing pipsplus-files (including the
- install them automatically (by "rpm2cpio | cpio")

No additional prepartion is necessary (except installing the other prerequiste packages)... read more

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2005-06-03

Does anybody volunteer to take over the project?

Hi all,

You might be surprised to hear/read this, but ....
I never ever owned an AcuLaser C900 and I even didn't see one in reality. I was just starting this project to do someone else a favor.

My problem is therefore, that I cannot always give the advise, which users usually would expect me to.

Now, the project is in a robust state, and the (almost complete) absence of any other code parts than those, which are written "bash", should make it easy to understand the contents and ideas behind the code.
The "PERL"-part and the 2 "C"-parts are really trivial - I guess.... read more

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2005-03-14

Gentoo, Debian, Slackware done!

I received several reports within the last days that there are some distrubtion specific anomalies.

I will work on those issues the next weeks.
Thank you for your feedback

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2005-03-01

whoever submits a bug report !!

Please, either register as a sourceforge-user and post as such, or post anonymous also in the Help!-forum.
I will surely need more information than the decsription of the symptom only.

Mostly appreciated would be an EMAIL to my developers address containg the follwing files:


and a file called ps.log, from the statement
ps -ef > ps.log
in case the printer is "hanging"... read more

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2005-01-19

All i386 Ditros supported

all SuSE specific stuff was removed. Also non-RPM style distros can use the pipsplus rpms now.

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2005-01-08

ALPHA releases - please give feedback

Within the next weeks I will refine the installer and the transfer methods of the backend.

Please take your time to post your experiences in the "Help" forum (use a headline "report")

Thank you for your contribution

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2004-12-15