#10 Certain Albums Missing


My collection consists of 1242 albums, but the program only seems to be finding 1220 of them. An example of missing albums are Tenatious D. The method I'm using for finding the tracks is path matching via "%artist%\%album%*" which seems to work fine normally. All tracks are placed and tagged via Musicbrainz Picard so there shouldn't be a problem there (they are all FLAC, no mixed formats).

For some reason Tenatious D appears to be missing entirely when doing a scan, they look like this on the server's filesystem:

ls Media/Music/Tenacious\ D/*
Media/Music/Tenacious D/Rize of the Fenix:
01 Rize of the Fenix.flac 03 Classical Teacher.flac 05 Deth Starr.flac 07 Flutes and Trombones.flac 09 Throw Down.flac 11 They Fucked Our Asses.flac 13 39.flac
02 Low Hangin' Fruit.flac 04 Senorita.flac 06 Roadie.flac 08 Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Kage.flac 10 Rock Is Dead.flac 12 To Be the Best.flac

Media/Music/Tenacious D/Tenacious D:
01 Kielbasa.flac 04 Wonderboy.flac 07 Explosivo.flac 10 Kyle Quit the Band.flac 13 Lee.flac 16 Karate Schnitzel.flac 19 Drive-Thru.flac
02 One Note Song.flac 05 Hard Fucking.flac 08 Dio.flac 11 The Road.flac 14 Friendship Test.flac 17 Karate.flac 20 Double Team.flac
03 Tribute.flac 06 Fuck Her Gently.flac 09 Inward Singing.flac 12 Cock Pushups.flac 15 Friendship.flac 18 Rock Your Socks.flac 21 City Hall _ Malibu Nights.flac

Media/Music/Tenacious D/The Pick of Destiny:
01 Kickapoo.flac 03 Baby.flac 05 History.flac 07 Master Exploder.flac 09 Papagenu (He's My Sassafrass).flac 11 Break In-City (Storm the Gate!).flac 13 Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown).flac 15 The Metal.flac
02 Classico.flac 04 Destiny.flac 06 The Government Totally Sucks.flac 08 The Divide.flac 10 Dude (I Totally Miss You).flac 12 Car Chase City.flac 14 POD.flac

I cannot see any reason why AAD would skip over these folders.


  • AlexVallat

    AlexVallat - 2012-05-13

    That's pretty weird. I can't see anything obviously weird about those path names - can you try just searching only one of those folders on its own (an easy way to do this is just drag and drop it onto the file browser). You could also try changing the option to use tags instead of file path matching - maybe it can't read the files or folders at all, rather than there being some issue with the path or file name.

  • Benjamin Hodgetts

    That works fine which is why my first thought was that I'm hitting a folder limit, but 1020 seems like a rather random number for that.

    Using tags takes far too long (roughly an album or two per second, rather than 100 albums per second). Dealing with 1000+ albums at that speed becomes a problem.

  • Benjamin Hodgetts

    Just to clarify, I meant adding JUST tenatious D (either by dragging or selecting just that folder) works fine. Not sure if it works with the tag method.

  • AlexVallat

    AlexVallat - 2012-05-13

    That is odd. So if the folders work fine on their own, but it's always those folders that it fails on when doing the full search, then it sounds to me like it must be one of the other albums that is in some way interfering with it - perhaps for some reason it thinks they've already been added, although I can't think how.

    I haven't been able to reproduce the problem here myself, so unfortunately there's not much I can do to fix it at the moment, but thank you for reporting it. If you ever happen to notice a case with only a few folders where one of them doesn't show up, then do let me know and I'll try creating folders with exactly those names and see if I can't get it to happen here.


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