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There is a bug in the amazon Script: It encodes artist and album as latin-1 whereas the amazon server expects UTF8 - this leads to empty results on searches involving special characters.

Steps to reproduce:
Search for artist: "funny" album: "Herzscheiße" on amazon.de

Expected Result:
Get results from http://ecs.amazonaws.de/onca/xml?Service=AWSECommerceService&AWSAccessKeyId=1MV23E34ARMVYMBDZB02&Operation=ItemSearch&SearchIndex=Music&ItemPage=1&ResponseGroup=ItemAttributes,Images&Keywords=Herzschei%C3%9Fe
There are two results: http://www.amazon.de/s?ie=UTF8&keywords=funny%20Herzschei%C3%9Fe&index=blended

Actual Results:
Results from http://ecs.amazonaws.de/onca/xml?Service=AWSECommerceService&AWSAccessKeyId=1MV23E34ARMVYMBDZB02&Operation=ItemSearch&SearchIndex=Music&ItemPage=1&ResponseGroup=ItemAttributes,Images&Keywords=Herzschei%dfe
- zero results

To fix this, you only have to replace the EncodeUrlIsoLatin1 on the amazon-common script with EncodeUrl.

As for the api: I have no documentation at hand, but I'm extremely sure amazon always expects utf8


  • AlexVallat

    AlexVallat - 2009-06-10

    Thanks for pointing this out, I have fixed the script as suggested.

    You can download it from http://album-art.sourceforge.net/scripts/amazon-common.boo

    Or, if you have v0.27 installed, use the Online Update functionality to have it downloaded automatically.

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