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Al-Anvar-0.4.0 is faster and easier working

Because of 27th of Rajab: the day of delegation (Event of Besat Official appointment of the prophet & Mi'raj Ascension of Prophet) of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) published a new version of Al-Anvar software.
In this version adds several new features to the software that make faster and easier working with software and also screen and broadcast for Quranic researching is optimized with this software.
Happy Mab'ath..

Posted by S.Hosein Hoseini 2012-06-18

Al-Anvar-0.2.8 final is ready for download

We are happy to announce general availability of Al-Anvar 0.2.8 version. This version has a lot of enhancements over previous release 0.1.5.

Please download and use this version and send us your feedbacks.

Download Page:

Posted by S.Hosein Hoseini 2012-04-19