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AKTive Media 1.9 GIFT Client

The latest version 1.9 beta of AKTive Media now acts as a GIFT client (GNU image finding tool) , you can now query images based on there content + lots more features, download now !!

Posted by AKTive Media 2007-02-07

AKTive Media 1.8 STABLE released

Timeline for images
Annoying bug in text annotation fixed
Initial URI library preview
Resizable ontology pane

Posted by AKTive Media 2006-10-17

AKTive Media 1.7 Stable released

The Ontology reader has now been fixed, can handler complex ontologies with relations. (ObjectProperties)

Posted by AKTive Media 2006-08-21

Developers Needed

Would you like to become a co-developer for AKTive Media , if yes then please contact A.Chakravarthy@dcs.shef.ac.uk , giving me a description of your background and what you would like to add/improve into the system. I will add you as a developer into sourceforge.

Posted by AKTive Media 2006-08-02

Further Information

Posted by AKTive Media 2006-07-31