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AKT 0.9 released

minor bugs have been fixed in the test cases.

Posted by Nadia Derbey 2007-01-30

AKT 0.8 released

AKT 0.8 has just been rleased. The most important changes are:
1) the akt_mod module does not exist anymore
2) the sysfs hierarchy for the tunables has changed
3) the config_tunables script has been updated to
reflect the changes under sysfs

The kernel patches apply to 2.6.20-rc4 kernel release

Posted by Nadia Derbey 2007-01-22

AKT API has moved

a new project (libtune) has been created to host what used to be the AKT API. The new site is

Posted by Nadia Derbey 2006-08-22

AKT 0.4 released

The 4th version of AKT has just been rleased. The most important changes are:
1) the component that registers a tunable can now register an automatic tuning routine
2) the tunables names are now shown under sysfs

Posted by Nadia Derbey 2006-06-05

AKT 0.3 released

The 3rd version of AKT has just been released. The most important changes are:
1) Tunables management has been moved from configfs to sysfs
2) Some more tunables are now supported:
. semmni
. semmns
. shmmni
. shmall
. msgmni
. threads-max

Posted by Nadia Derbey 2006-05-22

AKT 0.2 released

The second version of AKT has just been released. It includes the following changes:
1) RCU-based lock mechanism into the kernel part
2) New configuration script based on lxdialog (uses curses) to help selecting the tunable(s) candidate for dynamic adjustment

Posted by Nadia Derbey 2006-04-06

AKT 0.1 released

The first version of AKT has just been released.

This package is a prototype.
It currently includes only what is needed to
dynamically adjust the semmni tunable (maximum
number of semaphores that can be created on the
. patch:
. kernel patch to register semmni as
potentially dynamically adjustable.
. akt_mod module, that should be loaded to
enable dynamic adjustment of the
registered kernel tunables.
. a set of scripts that help managing automatic
. a test of semaphores creation limits.

Posted by Nadia Derbey 2006-03-01

libtune 0.7 released

libtune version 0.7 has just been released:
1) Support for various kernel releases, distributions and families has been added
2) tun_get_kwd() functionality has been added
3) tun_lst_all() functionality has been added

Note: the release number has "suddenly" jumped from 0.3 to 0.7 to make it coherent with the design release number.

Posted by Nadia Derbey 2005-09-29

libtune 0.3 released

libtune version 0.3 has just been released.
1) The tuned daemon has been added: it detects any pseudo-file added under /proc or /sys
2) TUNDB has been split in 7 sub-databases
3) The tests have been updated accordingly

Posted by Nadia Derbey 2005-07-12

libtune 0.2 released

libtune version 0.2 has just been released.

1) The following interfaces have been added to libtune:
. tun_set(), tun_locate() and tun_help()
2) The tests have been updated accordingly
3) Some commands built on top of the API, can also be foud in the "tests" directory

Posted by Nadia Derbey 2005-06-20

libtune 0.1 released

The 1st version of the libtune API has just been released.

This package currently includes:
. libtune API:
. it interfaces a number of files in procfs, sysfs (only 1), as
well as the syscalls shmctl(), setrlimit(), getrlimit()
. it is based on Linux kernel version 2.6.9
. it only contains the get part of the API
. it is not yet multi-distros/multi-release
. an example usage for each tunable listed in libtune.h

Posted by Nadia Derbey 2005-06-02