At long last! You can avoid  the tars and nicotine's that keep you addicted to real cigarettes and still enjoy the satisfaction of smoking!
Even if you don't smoke, those that you know who do will thank you for this information. And... we will pay you just for telling them about it! Please read on.
The InLife Cigarette is a battery operated alternative that produces no fire and is safe to use just about anywhere. Airlines, Hospitals, and Restaurants can now embrace the InLife Cigarette as a way to allow customers to safely smoke without the danger of fire or annoying other people nearby.
The InLife Elite, Prestige and Royale Packs are alternative smoking devices that simulate the sensation of smoking without exposing the user to harmful levels of cancer causing agents and other dangerous chemicals normally associated with traditional tobacco products.
The simulated smoke produced is actually a vapor that looks like, tastes like, feels like and reacts much like tobacco smoke. When exhaled, the vapor harmlessly evaporates in the surrounding air within seconds. The basic components consist of a battery, an atomizer, a safe, flavored cartridge containing nicotine, water and propylene glycol and a computer chip that controls it all.
Both the atomizer and the cartridge are consumable items. Cartridges are available in varying amounts of nicotine content, high (16 mg.), medium (14 mg.), low (6 mg) and no nicotine. InLife offers three types of electronic cigarettes: Two longer, more elegant units called the Elite and Royale and a smaller, sleeker unit called the Prestige.
                               THE ELITE PACK                                    THE PRESTIGE PACK

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