More than a third believed that torture was acceptable if it helped save the life of a fellow soldier or if it helped get information about the insurgents. However, others see rates being kept on hold at 5. Numbers may be higher now than before the hunting era.
His group left with hostages on a plane provided by Austrian authorities and was eventually given asylum in Algiers.
Herat: A city reborn In pictures: Ordinary lives Pain of suicide women In graphics: Harsh realities ANALYSIS Nato struggles 'Peace deal' Who are the militants?
The 10 candidates were sparing in their criticism of President George W Bush in the debate held in California. The plan was written by the US security co-ordinator Maj Gen Keith Dayton, US Ambassador to Israel Dick Jones and US Consul-General in Jerusalem Jacob Walles.
Iparraguirre, who fell in love with him and his aim of creating the perfect Communist State through bloody revolution, is still unrepentant. However, others see rates being kept on hold at 5.
Yet he acknowledges that while the net has growing influence, turning a 24-hour news cycle into a 15-minute one, not every candidate will benefit from it to the same degree. Mr Woolmer's body was returned to South Africa late last month.
His predecessors at the White House have made far greater use of the measure.
An investigation by the BBC has learnt that he was also incapacitated by some kind of poison before he was strangled. Leading anti-terrorism judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere has ordered the new trial. The American government says it does not offer asylum to hijackers.
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We don't have the luxury of time.