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I know most people roll their eyes when I say we willlpay FOR you to be a My Power Mall member as a World Changer. We really do mean it, though.
We have totally FREEeoptions but being a World Changer will create the mostmmoney for you the fastest. I want that for you!
These are tough economic times. A lot of people are hurting and scared. We’re committed to doing everything we can to help people not only survive, but also thrive during this time. We’re going to help you and then we’re going to show you how to help many other people do the same thing. You may have heard a lot of people make empty promises but My Power Mall really is different! Hang with me and I’ll show you exactly how it is going to happen.Here’s how it works:

    1.) Your upfronttcharge to be a World Changer is only $34.95.

    2.)Add in another 11 monthlyycharges of $15.95 and you have $175.45.

    3.)The twelve month total is $210.40

Now, as a World Changer you will receive a certificate worth $300 in Visa Gift Cards. All you have to do is buy at least $100 a month in groceries or gas from any store. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t do that! Send in the receipts on a monthly basis and receive your $25 Visa Gift Card that you can spend any way you wish to! It is so easy to do.
Everyone in the company can purchase one on their mall for $25 but if you join as a World Changer you will get one of your choice included in your membership forfFREE.
Now, back to the math:
Your total annual cost is $210.40. You’re going to receive $300 in Visa Gift Cards. We’re giving you the money to payyfor your membership – and an additional $89.60 – just for being a World Changer. We’re making sure you have the money each month toopay your World Changer membership so that you can continue to build a residual income for yourself.
But you know what?? Until July 18th it's even better than that!  When you join as a World Changer before then you'll actually receive a COMBO $600 Gas/Grocery Certificate with your membership that will return $50 in VISA Gift Cards every month - meaning you'll make $34.95 every month - just for spending money.  How great is that?!

Why would we do this? Because we know how tough the economy is right now. Because we know how many people are looking for a way to change their financial reality but are afraid to take a chance on a business. Because we know how many people need help! And because it will make it so easy for you to build your business as you share with other people that we are going toopay FOR them to be a World Changer! We can help. You just have to let us!

The question now is – do you want your own My Power Mall World Changer Mall? A very small investment. No selling. No crazy qualifying games. Freeetools & ongoing support. A chance to help change lives.
Let me give you the highlights again:
You can choose from one of our FREEooptions, or we willppay FOR you to take advantage of being a World Changer – our best option.
You will receive your own Online Mall with over 1100 stores where you earnmmoney from EVERY purchase you make!
You can use Gift Cards you purchase on your Mall to make money from EVERY purchase you make locally – groceries, gas, etc.
You can choose to just make money from your purchases or you can choose to build a team and make even more money.
Every dollar you spend enables us to make a difference in the world as we support charitable organizations – the real reason we exist as a company!
If you're looking for a legitimate business that is committed to helping its members while it also spreads money throughout the world to charitable organizations, My Power Mall is the answer for you! 

Just visit my website and watch the World Changer presentation.  You'll be glad you did!
Please visit my website at
You can explore all the different Mall options and decide which will work best for you. If you have any questions, or if I can help in any way, please don't hesitate to email me.
Larry Cameron
Proud My Power Mall member!
"Life affords no higher pleasure than that of surmounting difficulties,
passing from one step of success to another, forming new wishes
and seeing them gratified."
~Samuel Johnson

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