Ru.mor N e-w s :
On_colog-y M-e+d_. I+n'c_. (OT+C: ON_CO) a Cance,r T*reatm ent Solu+t_ions G.roup is s'a+i_d to h.a-v_e
experien+c+ed o.v+e,r a 1000'% inc'r'ease in re've+nues f_o'r t,h e fi,scal 3.r-d q uarter endi ng J u-l y-,
2+0,0+7 c-o_mpared w.i*t h t-h,e pri*or y'e'a,r wh*ile f.iscal f,ourth qu*arter re sults f o_r 2,0-0+7 a-r_e on
tra+ck to ex_ceed t-h_i-s y+earís thir*d qu'arter res+ults.
O-N C,O additio*-nally plan,s to incr,ea*se serv ice offerin.g's whic+h a,r-e cu,r rently u'n_derway.
Do.nít w*a,i*t f'o r t,h,e n'e_w's to c_o m_e o,u*t a*n-d l'o s e t*h+e op*po,rtunity to g.e*t in fro,nt of the
ge_neral in, publ,ic. On.colog*y M'e-d is in a mult*ibil,lion d-ollar indust_'ry w.h_e_r e
t+h,e,y a-r'e gai_ning m*arket sh+are rap*idly.
C-a*l.l y'o,u_r bro_ker n o'w f.o+r O*N_C_O+.