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AkmeFFmpeg 1.2.0 released with upgrade to ffmpeg 1.2.0

Seeing that ffmpeg had stabilised and release 1.1.x and 1.2.0 versions, I re-created AkmeFFmpeg aligning to the changed options in the underlying ffmpeg 1.2.0.

There may be some remaining glitches with moving to the new ffmpeg options but for the most part it's working.

Posted by Keith Mashinter 2013-05-14

AkmeFFmpeg 0.7.9 released with filename fix and BB Bold

This release fixes a problem with "&" characters in file names since those are special characters to the CMD script that runs ffmpeg.exe.

Also, there is a new quick profile for the BlackBerry Bold which also suits the Storm if anyone has one yet.

I haven't been able to test the iPhone/iTouch conclusively -- let me know in the Help Forum on sourceforge.net for the project if you have problems with these settings, thanks.... read more

Posted by Keith Mashinter 2008-11-08

AkmeFFmpeg 0.7.8 re-released with fix to drag-and-drop

I've re-uploaded the MSI for 0.7.8 with the proper registry setting to enable drag-and-drop for HTA files. I was doing this in scripting and had changed it to a registry setting added directly from the MSI but had a copy-paste error in the WIX configuration for the MSI.

Posted by Keith Mashinter 2008-09-01

AkmeFFmpeg 0.7.8 released with drag-and-drop

You can now drag-and-drop a file on the AkmeFFmpeg shortcut and it will use that as the path to the Audio/Video input file.

A few mis-related drop-down options were fixed.

Next up: An option to encode all files in the same directory as the source file with the same extension. If a separate audio files is selected, it will try to find related audio files for each input file.

Posted by Keith Mashinter 2008-08-30

AkmeFFmpeg 0.7.7 released with new ffmpeg build 13712

The new ffmpeg build 13712 (8-Jun-2008) is using dynamic libraries to avoid redundant code between ffmpeg.exe and ffplay.exe.

This build doesn't crash with Vobris+Theora.ogg as previous builds did, at least on my computer.

There are a few style changes and the Akme FFmpeg GUI title in the window now links to the sourceforge.net/projects/akmeffmpeg/ project.

Someone requested multi-file processing so I'll look at that for the next release.

Posted by Keith Mashinter 2008-08-15

AkmeFFmpeg 0.7.6 released with fixes plus flvmdi and mp4box

This release has some more fixes to aligning the various options and also includes the flvmdi and mp4box tools to fix the meta-data in FLV and MP4 files. ffmpeg doesn't put all the meta-data in that some players may expect in order to play while downloading or seek to key-frames before the file has fully downloaded. AkmeFFmpeg will use flvmdi or mp4box to help with this depending on the output format, and you can disable it if you don't actually want to run it.

Posted by Keith Mashinter 2008-08-08

AkmeFFmpeg-0.7.5 release with fixes and Nintendo Wii support

There were some more mismatched settings and I've added MotionJPEG+MP3.AVI settings for the Nintendo Wii. The ffmpeg MotionJPEG has more block artifacts than I would expect.

Posted by Keith Mashinter 2008-07-31

AkmeFFmpeg-0.7.4 Released with minor fixes

This release is just to fix a few typos in the drop-down options, in particular the video size options.

Posted by Keith Mashinter 2008-07-31

AkmeFFmpeg-0.7.3 Released with minor fixes

0.7.3 contains some minor fixes and improvements to the video rate/quality options after further experiments. The quality rating differs between different formats, in particular with H.264 since it uses the x264 library whereas other output formats often use the libavcodec.

I've also added an options to find PSP \VIDEO output folder.

Posted by Keith Mashinter 2008-06-19

AkmeFFmpeg-0.7.1 Released

This release improves on Output Device settings related to video bitrate/quality and adds functionality to find a BlackBerry drive and videos folder.

Posted by Keith Mashinter 2008-06-15

AkmeFFmpeg-0.7 Released

AkmeFFmpeg-0.7 includes updates to the underlying ffmpeg (SVN-r12665), some adjustments to the selection lists of conversions, and some graphical enhancements.

Posted by Keith Mashinter 2008-06-10

AkmeFFmpeg-0.6 Released

This is the first public release of AkmeFFmpeg. There are many A-V conversion tools but given the underlying power of ffmpeg and mplayer many miss the sweet spot of functionality I was looking for. AviDemux and WinFF are quite good for general conversions, VirtualDub/Mod for AVI, and AviSynth + MeGui for AVI/MP4 but I wanted a simple interface to convert to FLV and portable MP4 that I couldn't quite find.... read more

Posted by Keith Mashinter 2008-05-31