[mpeg4 @ 6C19BE80]Invalid and inefficient vfw

  • Shailesh Kumar

    Shailesh Kumar - 2009-03-09

    First of all thank you for making such tool available, have been looking for something like it for a long long time.

    I am getting the below message on the CMD window when I am converting an AVI file to an FLV file.
    [mpeg4 @ 6C19BE80]Invalid and inefficient vfw-avi packed B frames detected
    Though there is no change in the video when I see it but just wanted to make sure what exactly the error is.

    I googled for this error and someone suggested "try set codecctx flags to 0" how can I do that?

    • Keith Mashinter

      Keith Mashinter - 2009-03-23

      Hi, sorry for the delay in response.  Work has been hectic after I returned from a week's vacation.

      If you look in the install directory there is a ffmpeg-man.txt file with all the incredibly gorey detail of the options to the underlying ffmpeg.exe.  I don't see that exact reference (codectx or even ctx) so I'm not sure.  If the source stream is non-standard, ffmpeg.exe sometimes likes to complain about it but will try its best anyway.

      A great AVI tool you could try to see if it can shed more light on the situation is VirtualDub, also on sourceforge.net.  Resaving the file through it may clean it up.


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