error: FLV problem

  • carltons

    carltons - 2009-04-25

    I convert from avi to flv. The file plays fine but at the end of the original content the FLV hold the last visual frame then repeats just the audio; that is if the video is originally 2 minutes long then the FLV video is 4 minutes with the last 2 minutes showing the last frame of the original.

    Is there a solution for this? This happens will all my AVI files.

    • Keith Mashinter

      Keith Mashinter - 2009-04-26

      What are the audio and video streams in the AVI?  Is it the typical mp3 and xvid?  Sometimes AVI's are too non-standard.  Sometimes I reconvert the AVI with VirtualDubMod.  What were the FLV settings you used?


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