• Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2008-08-12

    Just wanted to thank you for creating this program. I've spent over three hours online trying to find a converter to convert some .flv files. I couldn't even find a FFmpeg GUI that would work properly (I'd get video and not audio, etc.) Your program is the first to work. I'll recommend it to anyone needing a converter.

    • Keith Mashinter

      Keith Mashinter - 2008-08-14

      You're welcome! 

      Really you should thank the awesome work of the ffmpeg, mencoder and other open-source encoding teams (lame, ogg vorbis, xvid, etc.) for giving us an open-source and in most cases free tools to start with.

      I was in your situation too, of not finding a GUI that let me choose sensibly from the numerous options in ffmpeg, or mencoder but I like the ffmpeg command line better although it lacks good VBR settings for LAME.

      I'm going to add some HTML help and references to the application to point to other applications places of interest.

      Some other ffmpeg GUIs I found are and .  Also note has released 3.98 that fixes a bug with variable-length encoding and the play length that was screwing up MP3 players from giving the proper play time.

      Some other great audio-video sites are:

      Don't be fooled by most of the $20 to $50 bla-bla-bla-to-FLV and related tools.  They're all using the free ffmpeg or mencoder anyway.  If you want even better quality FLV with Flash 8 supported  VP6 video, consider On2 Flix:

    • Loop Duplicate

      Loop Duplicate - 2009-06-05

      I'm working on setting up my own business.  It's all about audio/video.  Your converter is the absolute sweetest piece of software.  A great example of how open source software can be so simple and effective.  I feel like I'm in a dream now compared to how it used to be.  Somebody would give me some weird file and I would spend an hour searching for an app to decode it.  Now, I just open up akme and go to work.  I knew about ffmpeg a while back and just found your program yesterday.  You guys, when I start making some cash, i'm throwing some your way for saving me hours of work!

      Jeff at Burning Token

      • Keith Mashinter

        Keith Mashinter - 2009-06-07

        Glad to hear the ffmpeg GUI is useful for you!  This is part of my contribution back to the open-source world that I use so much.

        I see there are some new releases of the underlying ffmpeg library so I'll try those out on a few test files to incorporate in the next AkmeFFmpeg release.  Some ffmpeg.exe builds are good, some not, so they need some real-world testing.

        AkmeFFmpeg mainly came about for converting audio-video for mobile devices, but then we also ended up using it to convert production-quality A-V for training materials at my day ago.


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