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No more linux distro here.

Just in case anybody does stumble onto this location - I was way to overwhelmed by real work to ever get a production release of the distro ready, instead you will find a number of utilities and libraries on the project home page which may be of interest.

Posted by A.J. Venter 2002-12-03

Akinimod's universal trash can

Herewith a basically unedited copy of the mail I
sent to the mailing list on the subject:

A completely universall trash handling program. That is to say the
functionall equavalent of microsofts recycle bin.

What we have:
KDE and Gnome both implement a trash can of sorts but in either case
it only works for their own software, and not even all of those sometimes.
What I suggest:

The old /bin/rm is moved to the name /bin/rem.
Then a drop in replacement of /bin/rm is created (I will write that)
which supports all rm's options (for script
compatibility) though some may not actually do anything.
Next a user called trash is added with home directory /trash - world
readable but writeable only by trash itself (and of course root)
The rm program then runs suid trash (so no root suid problems can
arise) and trash has no shell so it's no
a great security problem. All this program does is to move the files/folders to /trash.
Hence the need for suid.
Finally a program called trash_manager is run from a cron script with
a single argument namely the maximum percentage of the drive that
/trash may ocupy. If it exceeds this then it deletes the file with
the oldest mtime - repeating until the size is once more valid.
There are some reasons for doing it this way:
We cannot used kernel qouta's for it because then you would be unable
to delete anything once it exceeds the maximum size - not to mention
it's hard to use.
There is no config files and just one argument - very easy to use
Being in a cron script allows the user to specify when the program is
actually allowed to run, and how frequently.
The user may even choose to only run it manually should he so wish.
Some other notes:
Because the user trash is unprivelaged and lacks a shell using the
programs suid is not a security threat.
However this means that normal user can delete files without having
write access to /trash.
This means that one can retrieve delete files but not tamper with them
or permanently delete them by hand unless you are root.
The only pitfall I see is that when user john deletes a file user mike
will be able to read it while it's in the trash folder. This may
however be prevented by simply us rem (or better yet shred) for
confidential documents. A good practise in any case.
This is of course not LFS compliant so it will have to be an optional
package.... read more

Posted by A.J. Venter 2001-06-12

Akinimod runs XMMS !

Currently Akinimod's status is as follows:
-->The system runs well and can use xmms.
-->All packages are i586 right now. And i386 set
is to built shortly.
-->The package manager design looks set to
outdo all others. We are now creating our
own package manager because none of the others
are good enough. We will keep RPM and DEB
support though
-->KDE and GNOME support is coming along well.
-->A bug with the stripping of the files have been
found and fixed.
-->Homepage should be done shortly

Posted by A.J. Venter 2001-05-24