options is undefined

  • sg79germuc

    sg79germuc - 2009-06-10

    i integrated the demo of ajaxtags 1.5 into my webapp and i keep getting the following error in firebug:

    options is undefined
    setOptions()(undefined)ajaxtags_tags.js (Linie 699)
    initialize()(Object executeOnLoad=false imageMinimize=img/minimize.gif, undefined)ajaxtags_tags.js (Linie 682)
    klass()prototype.js (Linie 51)
    eval()()WC5Wn%2B...FAw%3D%3D (Linie 12)
    evalScripts()()prototype.js (Linie 402)
    (?)()()prototype.js (Linie 642)
    (?)()()prototype.js (Linie 602)
    each()(function(), undefined)prototype.js (Linie 601)
    collect()(function(), undefined)prototype.js (Linie 641)
    evalScripts()()prototype.js (Linie 402)
    (?)()()prototype.js (Linie 214)

    I searched like everywhere to find a solution but found nothing. I hope somone can help me.
    Maybe I should add that the most of the examples work fine, just the ones where this error pops up don't work.  autocomplete & callout are the ones that are important to me and don't work.
    Hope someone can help.

    P.S if you need more information I will try and provide it. Just tell me what you need. Thanks

    • Angelo Immediata

      hi...what's your environment? Java version tomcat version etc....
      If u are using the demo in the file ajaxtags-1.5-SNAPSHOT-bin.zip remeber u should delete the jars: jsp-api-2.0 and servlet-api-2.4


    • sg79germuc

      sg79germuc - 2009-06-10

      I use Java 1.6..07 and Tomcat 5.5.17

      I am using the demo from this file:  ajaxtags-demo-1.5-beta-0.1.war, that means I copied all jsp files and the java classes into my app, added the servlet mappings and also the dependencies to ajaxtags.jar and the 3 displaytags.jars into my pom.

      Can you help?

    • Xavier Poinsard

      Xavier Poinsard - 2009-06-17

      Check you are using the right version of prototype.js (


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