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AjaxTags issue in DOM frames?

Henry Zhao
  • Henry Zhao

    Henry Zhao - 2008-12-02

    Hi, everyone?

    Is there anyone who use ajaxtags in DOM frames.

    First time load page, it works fine. After that, every time you click a link to load ajax function in page, it will force to open a new windows which is not supposed to. And it happens only when you use frames?

    Anybody has the same issue and any idea on that?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Xavier Poinsard

      Xavier Poinsard - 2009-06-15

      Same issue : if a page containing ajax tag is loaded in a frame, the following attempt to load a page in the frame will result in a popup (with IE not firefox)

    • Xavier Poinsard

      Xavier Poinsard - 2009-06-15

      Forgot to mention it was with version 1.2


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