Warning : ResponseXmlParser is Undefined

  • Yogesh

    Yogesh - 2009-06-15

    i am trying to use <ajax:UpdateField>
    when i add parser=new ResponseXmlParser()
    browser shows ResponseXmlParser is Undefined and and not called servlet.
    But when i remove parser=new ResponseXmlParser()
    response return in respective field undefined

    what is problem ... ?

    please help.....

    thanks in advance............(:

    • Xavier Poinsard

      Xavier Poinsard - 2009-06-17

      Try to use the undocumented property :

      • Yogesh

        Yogesh - 2009-06-19

        thanks xpoinsard !

        its working ............

        i want to update multiple droopdown and textbox on change of one dropdown or some event ...

        like when i select person i want to fill his country in text box and  addresses, his preferences in select box etc..

        how i will do it..
        please help ...
        By the way thanks Again ....... !

        • Xavier Poinsard

          Xavier Poinsard - 2009-06-19

          Did you try several instances of ajaxtags ?


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