I'm having problems with ajax:displayTag and logic:iterate. Let me explain:

I have an action wich puts in session an ArrayList that contains an unknown number of ArrayList.

In the jsp, I iterate this ArrayList (the first one) to retrieve the lists contained in it. I want to display these lists in
a display:table (with sorting and paging functionalities) Also I need ajax so paging and sorting don't refresh the whole jsp.

Right now the tables show correctly but when I try to sort one table it doesn't work (when I click on one of the sortable columns
that table is changed by some parts of the whole JSP)

I think these problems migth have to do with the ID of the tables…

Here is the involved piece of code (JSP) I have right now:

<% int ident = 0; %>
    <logic:iterate id="ciudades" name="listadoLugares">    
    <% request.setAttribute( "ciudades",ciudades); String sCiudades = "ciudades"+ident; String sDiv = "div"+ident; String sTab = "tab"+ident; ident++; %>       
    <div id="nada" style="border:1;border-style:solid;width:50%"><c:out value="aa"/></div>          
    <div id="<%=sDiv %>" style="border:1;border-style:solid;width:50%">
    <ajax:displayTag id="<%=sCiudades %>" >            
        <display:table uid="<%=sTab %>" name="ciudades" pagesize="5">
            <display:column sortable="true" property="idLugar" headerClass="sortable"> </display:column>
            <display:column sortable="true" property="nombreLugar" headerClass="sortable"> </display:column>
            <display:column sortable="true" property="ciudadId" headerClass="sortable"> </display:column>

I put the scriplets you can see over there so the displayTag and the display:table have different Id. Am I right to suppose this is necessary?

I've tried a lot of things and none of them working. Can somebody help me?