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AjaXplorer 5.0.2 Released

This is a bugfix from v5.0.1. Update is automatic using the in-app upgrade mechanism, and is recommended.

Fix various uploaders problems (jumploader, plupload)
Fix various Zip browsing / creation problems
Choose Lucene analyzer in the plugin configuration
Start an automatic deployment and testing framework (using Phing)
NEW / Experimental: Etherpad implementation (collaborative text editor and chat), new SFTP plugin based on phpSeclib
See detailed changelog below, and bugs fixed list on GitHub

Posted by cdujeu 2013-07-18

AjaXplorer 5.0.1 Released

Glad to announce immediate availability of AjaXplorer 5.0.1, a bugfix and security update of v5.0.0.
Please update your installations asap. See for more details.

Posted by cdujeu 2013-06-29

AjaXplorer 4.3.2 Release

This is a dev release including new features and many bug fix, a release candidate for next major release. Read for more info.

Posted by cdujeu 2013-04-02

AjaXplorer 4.2.3

Glad to announce the release of AjaXplorer 4.2.3
This is a final release for the 4.2 branch. See for more infos.

Posted by cdujeu 2012-11-11

AjaXplorer Core 4.3.0 / Sync 0.8.2

Core : brand new features in this dev release
Sync : desktop synchronization tool, first public beta.
Enjoy, test, find bugs and report them!

Posted by cdujeu 2012-10-11

AjaXplorer 4.2.0

Announcing the release of AjaXplorer 4.2.0. a major release, introducing tons of new features and bugfixes.
> Many improvements were done in the field of users management and configurations, allowing better connectivity with third party directories (like LDAP/AD), and better performances for cloud deployment and/or huge user base.
> On the filesystem-side, recursive listing and filehashing make the application ready for desktop synchronisation clients (an implementation is actually already on-the-road).
> New plugin for automagically mounting a filesystem (in the sense of linux « mount ») at login, a user quota implementation (only disk usage yet), an embedded tasks scheduler, etc…
> New automated build process (using phing) should ease the production of linux packages (rpm/deb, still working on this).... read more

Posted by cdujeu 2012-06-25

AjaXplorer 4.1.0 Released

Release of AjaXplorer 4.1.0 in the « dev » channel, fixing problems introduced by php5.4.0, adding a couple of low level features to improve performance and to prepare forthcoming features, and fixing a lot of known issues.
More info on

Posted by cdujeu 2012-04-10

AjaXplorer 4.0.4

This is an important security upgrade that fixes a vulnerability that could allow a non-logged user to get access to files on the server file system.
All info on

Posted by cdujeu 2012-03-02

AjaXplorer 4.0.3

This is a bugfix for 4.0 branch, the update is available automatically via the upgrade tool in the application. It fixes side-effects bugs introduced by the previous release.
See the detailed changelog on

Posted by cdujeu 2012-02-17

AjaXplorer 4.0.2 Released

AjaXplorer v4.0.2 is available. It fixes a security issue that could lead to unauthorized access to .txt files on the server.
Upgrade is recommended, using the automated "Upgrade" tool available in the Settings section. If it's not working, you can simply download the upgrade package (in the Sourceforge folder), unzip its content and override your original installation.

Many other bugs are fixed as well, see the full release note at

Posted by cdujeu 2012-02-09

AjaXplorer Client for Android v1.0

Proud to announce the release of the AjaXplorer Client for Android on the Android Market!

Posted by cdujeu 2012-01-24

AjaXplorer 4.0.1 Released

This is a mainly a bugfix for the stable branch. New features include the "Default Role" concept, and some tools to delegate big files compression and download to the server (command line zip / x-sendfile header).

Posted by cdujeu 2012-01-04

AjaXplorer 3.3.4

AjaXplorer 3.3.4, a.k.a AjaXplorer 4 beta 3 is now available. This is a bug fix, on the road to AjaXplorer 4.
More info on

Posted by cdujeu 2011-11-11

AjaXplorer 4 beta2 released

AjaXplorer 4 beta 2 released : . Automatic upgrade mechanism, sharing improved, tons of bugfixes. Enjoy!

Posted by cdujeu 2011-11-02

3.4 tech preview available

AjaXplorer 3.4 Technology Preview: for testing purpose only!

Posted by cdujeu 2011-08-08

AjaXplorer 3.2.3 Released

This is a feature release that introduces a built-in webDAV server for accessing the AjaXplorer repositories content using this popular protocol.

Posted by cdujeu 2011-04-26

AjaXplorer 3.2.2 Released

The core part is a bugfix version, doubled with some longly awaited features, like the application title customization, at last! For improving performances, a standard caching mechanism has been added to the core, that can be used by all plugins, and the accent was also put on huge files problematic. This release comes with new plugins : editor.eml parses email files, access.jsapi transforms AjaXplorer into an API browser for it’s own JS classes and auth.multi is a first draft for using various authentication sources side by side.
All info, release not, changelog and documentation on

Posted by cdujeu 2011-04-14

AjaXplorer 3.2.1 Released

This is mainly a bugfix of 3.2.0, but also the occasion to introduce brand new plugins! Among them, the very nice CodeMirror (used by Google API Playground for example) that will replace CodePress. Working on a stable base was the opportunity to profile and optimize : a cache mechanism for the plugin registry improves all the queries performances of about 30%! The release includes also a real iPhone integration (that still has to be ported on Androïd, volunteers welcome) and last but not least, a new version of the AjaXplorer Bridges is released, with an important security upgrade of the WordPress plugin, and the Joomla! plugin ported for Joomla! 1.6.
More info on

Posted by cdujeu 2011-02-15

AjaXplorer 3.2 released

AjaXplorer 3.2, a major and stable release, including a huge enhancing of the security level. Upgrade is recommended for every users. More informations on

Posted by cdujeu 2010-12-20

AjaXplorer 3.1.1 Released

This is a bugfix of 3.1.0, upgrade is recommended for people encountering the "cant' find plugin ..." error, and for people using the bridge with other CMS.
The release note contains a detailed list of modified files.
More info on

Posted by cdujeu 2010-11-29

AjaXplorer 3.1.0 Zip Updated

For those having download the zip between its release yesterday and now, if you are encountering an HTTP 500 error, please re-download the package, there was a typo in class AJXP_Utils.
More info here
Sorry about the inconvenience.

Posted by cdujeu 2010-11-16

AjaXplorer 3.1.0 Released

This release introduces the longly awaited "Roles" feature that will allow the batch-edition of users rights, as well as a manual disabling of any action of any role. It also fixes a lot of bugs and pushes errors catching a step further, to avoid any blank page symptom at installation. Various parts are generalized to ease the developement of third party plugins. It will be still compatible with the previous version in a standard environnement, specially with the existing users, however plugin developer will have some adaptation to do on the client side.
See for all necessary informations.

Posted by cdujeu 2010-11-15

AjaXplorer 3.0.2 Released

This is a bugfix release, upgrade is recommended! An upgrade package is available for easy update from 3.0.1.
All informations on

Posted by cdujeu 2010-10-07

AjaXplorer 3.0.1 Released

Announcing the release of AjaXplorer 3.0.1, mainly a bugfix release of the 3.0, but also introducing a new feature, the Repository Delegation : previously, users could share a file with the world by generating a public link, now they can share a whole folder by creating on-the-fly a sub-repository of their own and associate a temporary user that will have access to this repository only. Some tools were developped to help managing these new « Shared Elements » (files and folders).... read more

Posted by cdujeu 2010-09-23

AjaXplorer 3.0 released

The longly awaited 3.0 is released now! Among other features, the longly awaited metadata and html5 uploader, but in fact it's a huge rewriting of the plugin engine and of the GUI to allow developement of lots of new plugins.
Give it a try!

Posted by cdujeu 2010-09-03

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