Valentine's Release

Finally a release!

This release includes a face-lift and some major modifications to the configuration and filtering functionality.

Configuration is now handled in the config.xml file, which is read by both the Javascript and PHP code. You can change the db access settings in config.xml, as well as add and remove filters to fields (case sensitive column names). The filter shortcut keys are still hard-coded, but we plan to allow them to be configured via config.xml.

Along with the config modifications and flexible filters has come the ability to toggle idle threads by pressing 'i'. This requires that the Command filter be present, and it will put the value 'awake' into the command filter.

There is still very little error-handling or documentation, which is why we're not comfortable calling anything a 1.0 release. We know that those issues are important, but we're still considering this a pilot/beta technical project, so we're still focusing on technical experiments with it. We will create good error-handling and documentation when we are ready to issue a 1.0 release.

Posted by groovecoder 2006-02-14

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